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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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stainchel, stainshel, stainshell, stenchel, staincheon, stenchion, stention, staincher, stencher, stauncher, stancher,
staincheon ['stenʃən, 'stenʃəl, 'stenʃər]
also stainchel, staincher.
n. A stanchion, an iron bar of a window.
stair, oot-stair, stairheid, stairhead, forestair,
stair [ste:r]
n. A flight or succession of steps leading from one floor of a building to the next, a staircase. Stairs. he common staircase in a tenement giving access to the flats on the first and upper floors.

Compounds and phrases etc.

doun the stair: Downstairs.
forestair ['fo:r-]: An outside staircase.
oot-stair: An oustside staircase.
stairfit: The bottom of the stairs.
stairheid: The top of the stairs, top landing in a tenement.
up the stair: Upstairs.
stairch, sterch,
stairch [ste:rtʃ]
n. Starch.
v. To starch.
stairt, stert, sturt, start, stertit, stairtit, stairty, starty, forestairt, forestart,
stairt [ste:rt, stɛrt, start]
n. A start, a leap, spring, a sudden involuntary movement. A short time, a moment, a brief while.
v. To start, to commence, to make a beginning of. To make to start, to startle, disturb suddenly or sharply.
pt. pp. stairtit

adj. Fidgety, exitable.

Compounds and phrases etc.

forestairt ['fo:r-]: A start in running a race by setting off before the other competitors.
peerie stairt: I. A short period of time.
stairve, sterve, stirve, stairved, sterved, stirved, stairvation, stervation, stairvin, stervin, stirvin,
stairve [ste:rv, stɛrv]
v. To starve, perish with hunger or cold. To affect with extreme cold, to make to freeze.
pt. pp. stairved adj. Starved, frozen with cold.

stairvin [-ɪn]
v. Starving, hungry or freezing cold.

Compounds and phrases etc.

stairvation: Starvation.
stairve for: Starving of.
stake, stakie, stag, stake-net,
stake [stek]
n. A stake. A young ling.
stalk, stauk, staak, stack,
stalk [stɑ:k, stɔ:k, N. I. sta:k]
n. A stalk. A long thin support or pedestal for an hour-glass in a church, the stem of a wine-glass. A chimney-stack. A small amount of anything, a quantity, a grain.
stalkin, staukin',
stalkin ['stɑ:kɪn, 'stɔ:kɪn, N. I. 'sta:kɪn]
v. Stalking, walking with dignity.

From stalk.
stalwart, stalward, stalwarth, stalworth,
stalwart [stalwart]
adj. Of people and things: strong, stout, powerful, valiant.
stamack, stamach, stumick, stamacker, stammacker, stammager, stamminger, tomasher, stomach, stammack,
stamack ['stamək]
n. The stomach. Appetite, relish for food.
v. To put into the stomach and retain there, to digest, to fill or satiate with food. To take in by way of understanding, to get something into one's head, to grasp with the mind.

Compounds and phrases etc.

by stamack: Off by heart.
cackie-stamackit: Having imperfect digestion, squeamish.
stamacker: A stiffener for a corset, a kind of under-bodice.

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