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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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scuddle, skiddle, skittle, skytle, scuddlin, scuddleen, scuddler, scudler, skuddlar, skudlar, skuddler, skudler, scuddaler, skodler,
scuddle [skʌdl, 'skɪdl]
v. To wash dishes or pots etc. To mess about at domestic work. To walk in a slovenly manner.

v. Washing dishes or pots etc.

Compounds and phrases etc.

scuddler ['skʌdlər]: A scullion, kitchen-boy, a maid-of-all-work.
scuff, skuff, scuffle, scuffler, scuffie, scuffy, skuffie, skuffy, scoufie,
scuff [skʌf]
n. A puff of wind. A collection of low characters, the scum of the population, riff-raff, the rabble, such a character.
v. To graze, to hit with the flat of the hand, To shuffle with the feet, to draw the feet over he ground or floor etc. in a light but noisy manner, to scuffle.

adj. Shabby, worn, tarnished, mean-looking, niggardly.
scug, scoug, skug, scog, skyug, skog,
scug [skʌg, skug, NN.b. skʌug]
n. Concealment, shade, a means of hiding. A shelter, protection or shield, a sheltered place. A pretence, pretext, subterfuge, hypocritical excuse.
v. To conceal, screen, hide. To shelter, shield, give protection. To take shelter or refuge, seek protection. To hide, seek concealment, go surreptitiously, skulk, lurk, shelter behind a pretence.
Scuin, scoon, skuin, skoun, scoun,
Scuin [skønn, skun]
pn. Scone. (Perth)
Scuinie ['skøni]
pn. Scoonie (Fife).
scuip, skeep, scupe, scoop, skip, scuipit, scuped, skippit, scaipit, skaipit, scooped, schuif, scoof, skube,
scuip [skøp, C. skɪp, NEC. skep, MN. skip]
n. A scoop, a ladle, brim of hat, cap peak.
dim. scuipie A cloth cap with a peak.
v. To scoop.
pt. pp. scuipit n. A peaked cap.
sculdudderie, sculdudd'ry, sculduddery, sculduddry, skulduddery, skullduggery, sculdudry,
sculduddery [skʌl'dʌdəri]
n. Lewd behaviour, fornication, unchastity. Obscene language or conversation, smut.
scull, skull,
scull [skʌl]
v. To go in a zig-zag manner, walk from side to side. To make a flat stone skip across the surface of water.
scull, skoul, skull, skill, scoo, scow, scowe,
scull [skʌl, N. sku, skʌu]
n. A shallow container or basket.
scult, skult,
scult [skʌlt]
n. A blow with the flat of the hand, a slap, a stroke with a cane or tawse on the hand.
v. To strike with the palm of the hand, to slap, smack, spank.

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