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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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slunk, slonk,
slunk [slʌŋk]
n. A wet and muddy hollow, a soft, deep, wet rut in a road, a ditch, mire, slough.
slush, sloosh, sloush, shlushit, sklush,
slush [slʌʃ]
n. Slush. A wet marshy place, a puddle, quagmire. A speech peculiarity where /s/ is pronounced /ʃ/.
v. To splash, squelch, to splutter, to slobber. To work in a messy, untidy or careless way.
pt. pp. slushit, slusht adj. I. Slovenly in dress or manner.
slutch, sludge, slatch, slotch,
slutch ['slʌtʃ]
n. Sludge. A lazy, slouching person, a sloven, lay-about.
v. To walk or move heavy-footedly and messily through mud or soft ground, to wade in the mire, to work messily in mud.
sly, sley, sly-guiss, slyguiss, slygoose, sly-geese, slykees, slygeese, slygees,
sly [I. slae]
n. A green slimy alga found on the sea shore Ulva.
slype, slipe, sclype, sclipe, sklype,
slype [sləip]
n. A hard slap or smack. A large thin piece of anything, a strip, slice. A term of great contempt for a lazy, coarse, dissolute, worthless, uncouth kind of person, a lout, a sloven, slut, a dirty, sneaking man.
smacher, smacherie, smachery, smachry, smachrie, smacherry,
smacher ['smaxər]
n. A large number, a confused crowd, a confused mass or mixture.
v. To eat in a secretive way, nibble.

n. A large number of people or objects, a disorder or confusion, a mixed dish of food.
smack, smeck,
smack [smak]
n. A loud hearty kiss.
v. To smack, strike, move along with speed.
smad, smud, smod, smird, smadach, smudach, smodach,
smad [smad]
n. A small stain, a spot, blemish, smut, a dirty mark. A very small quantity of anything, a particle, grain.
v. To stain, soil, blemish with dirt or the like, spot. Of a fire: to smoulder and emit clouds of sooty smoke, to cause smuts.

Compounds and phrases etc.

smadach [-əx]: A badly burning fire.
Smailhowm, Smailum, Smailholm,
Smailhowm [sme'ləm]
pn. Smailholm. (Borders)
smairg, smairge,
smairg [sme:rg, sme:rdʒ]
n. A smear, stain, an oily or greasy mark, a daubing.
v. To smear or anoint with something oily.

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