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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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saunt, sant, sent, saant, santet, sauntit, saantit, santit, sint, sauntifee, santafie, santafee, santipee, santifie, sauntly, sauntlie, santlie, santly, besaunt, besaant,
saunt [sɑ:nt, sɔ:nt, N. I. sa:nt]
n. A saint, a holy person. In place names often [s(ɪ)nt] e.g. Saunt Andras and Saunt Marget's
v. To saint. To disappear, to vanish, especially in a sudden or mysterious manner, to be silently swallowed up. To cause to vanish or disappear in a quick or inexplicable manner, to spirit away.
pt. pp. sauntit

sauntly ['sɑ:ntle, 'sɔ:ntle, N. I. 'sa:ntle]
adj. Saintly.

Compounds and phrases etc.

besaunt [bɪ'-]: To canonize, to repute as holy.
sauntifee: To sanctify.
Saunt Andras, St. Andrews, Saunt Aundraes,
Saunt Andras [sɪnt 'ɑ:ndrʌz]
pn. Saint Andrews. (Fife)
Saunt Ceerus,
Saunt Ceerus [sɪn'sirɪs]
pn. St Cyrus (Kincardineshire).
Saunt Marget's, Saunt Margit's, St. Margit's, St. Margaret's,
Saunt Marget's [sɪnt 'margɪts]
pn. St Margaret's. (Orkney)
Saunt Monans, St. Monans,
Saunt Monans [sɪmɪnɪnz]
pn. Saint Monans. (Fife)
saunter, santer, santer, saanter,
saunter [sɑ:ntər, sɔ:ntər, N. sa:ntər]
v. To saunter. To trifle, play about in a casual offhand manner. U. To chatter, talk volubly about very little.

Compounds and phrases etc.

saunter-gabbit: Slow or deliberate in speech.
saur, saar, saurless, saarless,
saur [sɑ:r, sɔ:r, N. sa:r]
n. An evil or sickening smell or aroma, a feeling of disgust or repulsion. Wit, spirit, pluck, vivacity. Of wind: a breath, gentle breeze.
v. To have a certain taste or flavour. To smell of.

Compounds and phrases etc.

saurless: Tasteless, lacking in wit.
Saurah, Sarah, Sawrah, Saarah,
Saurah ['sɑrɑ N. I. 'sa:ra]
n. The personal name Sarah.
saut, saat, satt, sault, sahlt, saalt, sa'at, saut-backets, saut-backet, sautie, sauty, saaty, saatie, saaty, satty, sat, sauter, saater, sautie, sauty, saaty, saatie, saaty, satty,
saut [sɑ:t, sɔ:t, N. I. sa:t]
n. Salt. Bitter consequences, retribution, smart, sharp, stinging words, sarcasm.
dim. sautie The common dab.
v. To preserve in salt, pickle, to sprinkle with salt. To punish, take revenge, to snub, repress, treat severely.
pp. pp. sautit

adj. Salty, tasting of salt.

Compounds and phrases etc.

saut bree: Salt water.
saut cuidie: A straw container for salt hung by the fireside.
saut dish: A salt-cellar.
sauter [-ər]: A salter, a maker of salt, one who can do severe things.
saut-lick: A salt-brick for cattle.
saut's sel: Salt itself, of food etc.: excessively salted.
Sautan, Sawtan,
Sautan ['sɑ:tən, 'sɔ:tən, N. I. 'sa:tən]
n. Satan, the Devil.

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