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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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solae, sola, solie,
solae [solə, -a, -e]
adj. Solo, single.
solan, sollen, sollen, soland, sulan,
solan [solən]
Also solan guiss
n. The gannet Sula bassana.
sole, soal, soll, sol,
sole [sol]
n. The underside of the foot. The lower part, bottom or base of something. Sub-soil, an under-plate, a window sill or threshold.
soleecit, soleecitor, solicitor, soliciter, solicyter, slisster,
soleecit ['solisət]
v. To solicit.

n. A solicitor, a law-agent.
solist, salist, sillist,
solist [I.Sh. sə'lɪst]
adj. Laying aside work in the meantime.
v. To desist, to rest, to lay off, to while away time.
solit, solaid, solid,
solit ['solɪt]
adj. Solid. Of people: having a large supply, well-stocked, sane, in full possession of one's mental faculties, sober. Of things: in large supply, plentiful. Of wine: in the cask, draught.
solvendie, solvendy, sevendible, savendible, survendible, simmendable, sevendibly, savendie, salvenda, solvendo,
solvendie [səl'vɛndi, -ə, -o]
adj. Solvent. Of things: trustworthy, firm, safe, secure, adequate, sure, certain. Of people: strong, in good health, fit.

sevendle [sə'vɛndl],
adj. Also sevendible Strong, firm, securely made, built or fixed. Trustworthy, dependable. Thorough, out-and-out, severe, extreme.
v. To become firm or secure, to set hard, consolidate itself.

Compounds and phrases etc.

sevendibly: adv. Thoroughly.
solvendiness: MN. A state of trustworthiness.
some, sum, sim, same, somegate, somegates, somegait, somegaits, someither, somepairt, somewey, someway, somebody, somedy, simboadie, sumbuddy, something, sumhing, somehing, somehin, sumhin, somein, suhin, simthing, sumthin, somethin, sometime, sumtyme, simtime, simtim, sumtim, sometim, simthan, som, sumdae, sumdie, sohin,
some [sʌm, səm]
adj. Some.
adv. With adjectives or their equivalents: somewhat, a little, slightly, rather, very, a great deal. With verbs: to some extent, rather, a little.
suff. [-səm] used for forming adjectives implying the subjective condition.
son, sin, sinn, sun,
son [sɪn]
n. A son, male child.

Compounds and phrases etc.

brither-son: A nephew.
guid-son: Son in law.
sister-son: A nephew.
son-afore-the-faither: The flowering currant.
songie, sungie, songi, songgi, sungie, sunggi,
songie [I.Sh. 'sɔŋgi, 'sʌŋgi]
n. A hermaphrodite. A term of abuse.

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