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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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The Geerie, Geerie, Geery, Gerry,
The Geerie [ðə 'gi:rɪ]
pn. Garioch. (Aberdeenshire)
The Howewid, Howwid,
The Howewid [ðə 'hʌuwɪd, wʌd]
pn. Howwood. (Renfrewshire)
The Inch Abbey, The Inch Aibey,
The Inch Aibey [ðə ɪnʃ ebɪ]
pn. Inch Abbey. (County Down)
The Lang Raw,
The Lang Raw [ðə laŋ rɑ:]
pn. Eaglesham. (Renfrewshire)
Langhowm, Langholm, Langam,
The Langhowm ['lɑŋəm]
pn. Langholm (Dumfriesshire).
Also known as the The Muckle Toun

Compounds and phrases etc.

Langhown ell: A measure of 371/8 inches.
Langhowm lily: col. The dandilion.
Langhowm tack: col. A nail.
The Mey,
The Mey [ðə məi]
pn. May Island. (Firth of Forth)
The Meygate, Meygate, Maygate,
The Meygate [ðə 'məiget]
pn. Maygate.
The Netherton, The Nethertoun, The Nethertoon,
The Netherton [ðə 'nɛðərtən]
pn. Nethertown.
The Nitshill, Nitshill, Nitshull,
The Nitshill [ðə 'nɪtshɪl, -hʌl]
pn. Nitshill. (Glasgow)
The Pans, The Pauns,
The Pans [ðə panz, -pɔnz]
pn. Prestonpans. (East Lothian)

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