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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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yallae, yalla, yella, yellae, yallie, yillie, yallow, yellie, yallochie, yallochy, yallaeman, yallaman, yellaman, yellaeman, yallieman, yillieman, yallowman, yellieman, yellowman, yellow-man, yallae-man, yellae-man, yella-man, yalla-man, yellow-yoit, yella-yert, yallae-neb, yalla-neb, yella-neb, yella-yite, yilloo,
yellae ['jɛlə, MN. S. 'jale]
n. The colour yellow.
pl. yellaes I.Sh. Jaundice in sheep.
adj. Of a yellow colour.
v. To make yellow.
pt. pp. yellit, yellaed

yallochie ['jaləxe]
adj. Yellowish, of a slightly yellow colour.

Compounds and phrases etc.

yellae dab: The common dab.
yellae rocket: Dyer's rocket Reseda lutea.
yellaesis: I.Sh. An illness in animals caused by eating large quantities of St John's wort.
yelloch, yallach, yellagh, yellyhoo, yalloch, yellowch,
yelloch ['jɛləx]
n. A yell, shriek, scream.
v. To cry, scream, shriek, yell, to make a loud, shrill noise.
herb, yerb, herbs, yerbs, erb, yerrib, yarrib,
yerb [jɛrb, jɪrb]
n. A herb.
yerk, yirk, yark, yirg, yerg, yarkin,
yerk [jɛrk]
also yark [N. I. jark]
n. A blow, a hard knock or thump, a slap, whack. A jerk, tug, a sharp twitch or pull, a sudden move, a toss.
v. To bind tightly, to tie firmly together, to fasten. To stuff, cram, pack tightly. To beat, thump, whip, strike, to break by striking, to drive in with blows, to hammer. To crack down on or against, to make a sharp sound by striking or splitting etc. To nag, find fault, carp incessantly. To throb, ache, tingle. To move something with a sudden quick jerk, tug, or push. Throw, toss, pitch, to jerk, slam.

n. The side-seam in a boot or shoe.

Compounds and phrases etc.

yerk aff: To strike up.
yerk in: To drive in.
yerkin elshin: A shoemaker's awl.
yerl, yirl, earlies, earl, airl, jarl, yarl,
yerl [jɛrl]
also yarl [I.Sh. jarl]
n. Earl.

Compounds and phrases etc.

guiser yarl: The chief or leading guiser in the Shetland Up-helly-aa celebrations.
Yerlston, Earlston,
Yerlston ['jɛrlstən]
pn. Earlston. (Berwickshire)
Yermooth ['jɛrmuθ]
pn. Yarmouth. (England)
yesk, yex, esk, yisk, yist,
yesk [(j)ɛsk, (j)esk, (j)isk]
n. A hiccup, belch, the hiccups.
v. To hiccup, belch, vomit.
yestreen, yestrein, yestereen, yestre'en, estreen, erethestreen, heryestreen, hereyestreen, heeryestreen, eerthestreen, eredastreen, eredestreen, eithistreen, air-yestreen, air-da-streen, yerestrene, streen, strein, the-streen, dastreen, yistreen, thestreen,
yestreen [jɛ'strin]
also the streen [ðə strin, I.Sh. da-, də-]
n. Yesterday evening, the night before today.
adv. Last night, yesterday.

Compounds and phrases etc.

ere the streen [ɛr-, e:r-, ər,-]: The night before last.

From yester + e'en reduced form of even.
yet, yit,
yet [jɛt, jɪt]
adv. Yet. Up to now, now as before, at the present time, still.

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