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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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cowe, cow, wirricowe, worricow, wirricow, worricowe, wirey-cow, wirry-cow, warriecow, wirriecow, wirrycowe, wirry-cowe, wiricow, worricow, wirry-coo,
cowe [kʌu]
n. A hobgoblin, an object of terror.

Compounds and phrases etc.

wirricowe ['wɪrɪ-, 'wʌrɪ-]: a hobgoblin, demon, Satan, a mischievous person.
cowe, cow, cowed, cowt, cow't, cowit, kow, kowe, heather-cowe, cowes, hedder-kowe,
cowe [kʌu]
n. A crop, a hair-cut. A trouncing, a humiliating defeat. A twig or tufted stem of a shrub or bush such as heather, broom or gorse.
v. To poll or crop the hair. To cut, to cut short. To overtop, surpass, outdo.
pt. pp. cowed adj. Closely cut, having short, thin hair. Polled, hornless. Frightened, coerced.

Compounds and phrases etc.

cowes aw: surpasses all
cowe the cuddie: to surpass everything
cowie, U. cowan: a seal (because it has no visible ears)
heather-cowe: a large piece of heather pulled from the root
that cowes the gowan: that takes the biscuit
cower, cour, couer, cover, cowerin,
cower ['kʌuər, 'ku:ər]
v. N. To recover, get well, to get over, to recover from.

adj. Curative, threpeutic.

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