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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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that, tha, thae, thay, they, thai, 'at, at, yat, it, itt, aa, tha', aat, 'et, dat, izzat, that's, 'at's, aat's, tha's, ats, at's, thats, thattan, thatwey, thit, thaut, eit, thaat, thet, datn, thaese, thase, ose,
that [ðat, ðet, I.Sh. dat]
contracted 'at [ət, t]
pron. Relative: who. That, whom, which.
pl. thae [ðe:] Those. In the northern dialects the pl. may be that.
possessive that's Whose. Contracted 'at's.
adj. That.
adj. pl. thae Those. In the northern dialects the pl. may be that.
adv. So, to such a degree, to that extent, very.

Compounds and phrases etc.

an aw that: And all that sort of thing.
an that: And so on, etcetera.
for aw (it) be (that): Although, notwithstanding.
for aw that: Notwithstanding, all the same.
is that contracted is 'at [ɪzət]: Is that.
thaim that: Those who.
that is: That is, contracted that's, 'at's.
thattan [ðatən, ðetən, ətən]: That kind of...
thatwey: In that way, like that.
thay, they, the, the', thai, thae, ey, dey, ay, 'ay, thi, tha, thay're, they're, thay'r, they'r, thai're, thai'r, thay'v, they'v, thay've, they've, thai'v, thai've, thur, ther, thir,
thay [ðe:, ðə, N. e:, I.Sh. de:]
pron. They.

Compounds and phrases etc.

thay are contracted thay're: They're.
thay hiv contracted thay'v: They've.
thay wad contracted thay'd They'd.
the, th, thi, tha, thu, e, ee, i, i', ra, th', they, ye, de, da, ruh, t'ae, 'e, eih,
the [ðə, I.Sh. da, də]
The definite article: The.

Used instead of the possessive pron.: with the names of relatives, with the names of parts of the body. With names of diseases. With the names of various pursuits and activities often expressed as verbal nouns, and trades or crafts, branches of learning, foreign languages, philosophy, sports, games, athletic pursuits and institutions etc.

In colloquial speech the may be contracted to 'e [ə, ɪ] and in phrases beginning with in the, on the, at the and o the, the two words may be contracted ee [i:] .

Compounds and phrases etc.

i' the: Contraction of in the.
The Broch, Broch, Bruch, brocher, Faithlie, Burgheid,
The Broch [brɔx]
pn. Fraserburgh (Aberdeenshire), Burghead. (Moray)

Compounds and phrases etc.

Brocher ['brɔxər]: A native of Fraserburgh.
Faithlie: Another name for Fraserburgh
Bullers, Bullars, The Bullers,
The Bullers [ðə 'bʌlərz]
pn. The Bullers of Buchan.
Crail, Crail capon, crailz capon, crail caipon, crail kaipon,
The Crail [ðə krel]
pn. Crail. (Fife)

Compounds and phrases etc.

Crail capon [-kəpɔn]: A dried but not split haddock.
The Crossgates, Crossgates,
The Crossgates [ðə 'krosgets]
pn. Crossgates.
The Elie,
The Elie ['ili]
pn. Elie (Fife).
The Firth o Forth, Firth o Forth, Firth o Foarth,
The Firth o Forth [ðə 'fɪrθ ə fo:rθ]
pn. The Firth of Forth.
The Freuchie, Freuchie,
The Freuchie [ðə 'frʌxe]
pn. Freuchie. (Fife)

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