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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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tuilyie, teelyie, tulzie, tulyie, tuilzie, twilley, tweely, twelly, toulzie, tullyie, tooly, tuilyiesome, tuillie,
tuilyie ['tuli, tulji, S. twili, I. 'tøl(j)i]
n. A quarrel, fight, scuffle, broil, skirmish, struggle, turmoil. A verbal quarrel, a wrangle or dispute, an altercation. Toil, labour, trouble, exertion.
v. To quarrel, contend, come to blows, fight. To quarrel verbally, to argue, wrangle, squabble. To toil, trudge laboriously.

Compounds and phrases etc.

fecht an tuilyie [-'tøl(j)i, -'tuli, -tulji]: An argument or quarrel, to argue, contend.
tuilyiesome [-səm]: Quarrelsome.
tuim, tume, toom, teem, tim, taem, tuimt, teemt, teemed, tuimald, tumald,
tuim [tøm, tym, C. U. tɪm, ø: tem, N. tim]
n. A place where rubbish is emptied, a dump.
adj. Empty, unoccupied, vacant. Of people or their limbs etc.: thin, lean, lank, empty-headed, foolish, witless, deficient in sense. Empty of food, fasting, hungry. Of a cough or frost-hardened ground etc.: hollow, echoing. Of the moon: in its dark phase, not visible. Of machinery: idling, not actually processing materia. Of a locomotive: running light, without a train.
v. To empty a vessel etc. by drinking, pouring or tipping out the contents, to evacuate. To pour the contents out of a vessel, to empty out. To hollow out. To empty, to be or become empty, to discharge. Of rain: to pour down, to fall in torrents.
pt. pp. tuimt

Compounds and phrases etc.

dountuim: I.Sh. A heavy fall of rain.
tuimald: I.Sh. A downpour of rain.

See teem also.
tuin, teen, tune, tin, chune, tuinie, tuiny, tuinless,
tuin [tøn, tyn, C. tɪn, MN. tin]
n. A tune, intonation, the pitch and cadence of speech, mood, humour, disposition, temper,
v. To tune, to put to order, scold.
pt. pp. tuint

adj. Moody.

Compounds and phrases etc.

ill tuin: A bad mood.
timmer-tuint: Tone deaf.
tuinless adj. Tuneless.
tuink, puink,
tuink [I.Ork. tøŋk]
n. A thump, crack, blow.
tuip, tup, tip, teep, tupp, toop,
tuip [tøp, C. U. tɪp, MN. tip, NN. I. tup]
n. A ram (male sheep).
tuird, turd, tord, taird, teerd,
tuird [tø:rd, C. te:rd, N. ti:rd & t(j)u:(ə)rd]
n. A turd. A lump of excrement, a nasty, objectionable, dirty person.
tuith, teeth, teud, teith, tooth, teith, teethpaste, tuithpaste, tuithache, teethache, aisle-tuith, aizle-tooth, assle-tuith, assel-tuith, teethbrush, tuithie, tuithy, tuithless, teethless, teethe, teithe, teethin, teethin',
tuith [tøθ, C. U. tɪθ & tiθ, N. tiθ]
n. A tooth. The fragment of the lower end of a rainbow seen near the horizon and taken to be a sign of bad weather.
pl. teeth [tiθ]

adj. Sharp-toothed, acrimonious, critical.

teethe [ti:ð]
v. To develop or cut teeth, to furnish with teeth or spikes, point a wall or slates etc. with lime.

Compounds and phrases etc.

aisle tuith ['ezl-, 'esl-, asl-], chaft-tuith: A back tooth, a molar tooth.
gam-teetht: Having lapping teeth.
sair teeth: Toothache.
teethbrush: A toothbrush.
seam o teeth: A set of dentures.
teethpaste: Toothpaste.
the teeth: The six in dominoes.
tuithache [-ek]: Toothache.
tuith in the sky: A broken rainbow.
tuithfu: A very small quantity of food or drink, a mouthful of liquor etc.
tuithless: Toothless.
tuithsome: Toothsome, tasty.
wouf's tuith contracted stuith, dim. stuithie: The stump of a rainbow seen on the sea and thought to presage bad weather. A bar across the moon or sun.
tulchan ['tʌlxən]
n. A calf-skin stuffed with straw set beside a cow to induce her to give her milk freely. A substitute, a man of straw. A large-boned, fat person.
tullie, tulli, tully, tolli,
tullie [I. 'tʌli]
n. A large knife with a wooden handle. A clasp-knife or sheath-knife.
tulliment, doliment, dolimentin, tullimentin, tullimentan,
tulliment [I.Ork. 'tʌlimɛnt]
v. Of stars: to dance, sparkle, scintillate.

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