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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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tanshock, tanshik, tantjek, tannjik, tannek, tannjek, tanyik,
tanshock [I.Sh. 'tanʃɪk, 'taɲ(t)jək]
n. A tooth, in particular a newly-grown tooth in a child's mouth.
tansie, tansy, tanzie, trancy, tansies,
tansie [tanzi]
n. The ragwort.
tantersome, tantaleese, tantaleeze,
tantaleese ['tantəli:z]
v. To tantalise.

Compounds and phrases etc.

tantersome [-səm]: Exasperating, annoying, vexatious.
Tantallon, Tantallan, Tauntaulan, Tawntawlan,
Tantallon ['tantalən, 'tɑntɑlən]
pn. Tantallon. (East Lothian)
tantrum, cantrum, dandrum,
tantrum ['tantrəm]
n. A tantrum, affected airs, palavers.
tap, tawp, toap, tapdress, tapmaist, tapmost, tappie, toppie, tappy, toppy, tappietourie, tappietoury, tappietoory, tappietoorie, tapitoorie, tappilourie, tappiloorie, tappit, tappet-hen, tappit-hen, tappet, tap-thrawn, tapsman, tapo, tapster, tapper, topper, tappin, tawpen, tappan, tawpen, tappitless, tappetless,
tap [tap]
n. A top, The top, the summit, highest part etc. A tuft, of hair, wool, feathers, a forelock etc. A fir cone.
dim. tappie A topknot of hair, a tuft of feathers.
adj. At the top. First-rate, excellent.
superl. tapmaist

adj. Topped, hodded, crested, tufted.

tappin [-ɪn]
n. The top, a tuft or crest of feathers on a bird's head, the woolen pompon on the top of a bonnet.

Compounds and phrases etc.

owertap: To overtop, surmount.
tap ower tail: Head-over-heels.
tappielouerie ['tapɪlu:ri]: something raised high on a slight or tottering foundation
tappitless: Without energy, heedless.
tapper: A first class person or thing.
tappin-lift: A halyard.
tapsman: The chief man in charge of a drove of cattle, the head-drover.
tapster: N. I. The boss, the top dog.
tap-thrawn: Headstrong, perverse, obstinate.
tap, taap,
tap [tap]
n. A tap for water etc.
v. col. To borrow or beg money.

v. col. Begging money.

n. col. A beggar.
tape, taip, teep, taper, taiper,
tape [tep]
v. To tape, measure exactly, deal out, use sparingly.

taper [-ər]
v. To use food sparingly, eke out.

Compounds and phrases etc.

tapeless: Foolish.
tape recorder: tape recorder
tapsalteerie, tapsalteery, tapsalteiry, tapsalteirie, tapsowerteerie, tapselteery, topsalteery, tapsalterie, tapsie-teerie, topsy-teerie, tapselteerie,
tapsalteerie ['tapsəl'ti:ri, S. 'tapselti:ri]
adv. Upside down, topsy-turvy, into utter confusion or disorder, higgledy-piggledy.
adj. Chaotic, muddled, disorderly.
taptoo, taptee, tiptoo,
taptoo ['taptu, tapti, I.Sh. 'tamto]
n. A state of excitement, eagerness, desire or rage etc. I.Sh. Heyday.

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