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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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wirrie, wirry, wurrie, worrie, wirry-bauldie, wirrie-bauldie, bauldie-wirrie, worry-baldie, baldie-worrie, baldie-worrie, worrie-baldie, wirrit, wirriet, wirriyit, worrit, Worry,
wirry ['wɪre, 'wʌre]
n. Worry. An altercation, wrangle, argument, a to-do.
v. To worry, To strangle, choke on food. To devour, swallow greedily, gobble up. Of smoke etc.: to stifle, suffocate.
pt. pp. wirrit ['wɪrɪt, 'wʌrɪt]

Compounds and phrases etc.

tirry-wirry: adj. Cross, petulant, peevish.
wirryation: I.Sh. An altercation between dogs.
wirry-carle: A snarling, ill-natured person, one who is dreaded as a bugbear.
wirricowe ['wɪrɪ-, 'wʌrɪ-]: A hobgoblin, demon, Satan, a mischievous person.

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