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Name: Thorsten Distler 11/25/2008
Email: servus@disde.de
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Great Page

Hello there,

Just wanted to say "thank yers" for that braw wabsteid. I'm 
German and spent two trimesters in Auld Reekie and this 
page really brings up old memories.

Lifting my cup (of kindness yet) for auld lang syne :o)

Name: Michael 11/5/2008
Email: m.hance@scotslanguage.com
Hamepage: Scots Language Centre
URL: http://www.scotslanguage.com
Airtit bi: A Freend.

Ay ay aabodie

Hope ye'll visit us at www.scotslanguage.com for tae hear oor 
new series o readings fae the Scots New Testament. We're 
merkin the Christian festivals wi readins fae the NT CDs. The 
readings stertit last Setterday tae merk All Sainst Day or 

Aw the best fae yer freens at SLC.

Name: James Gault (Jim) Blair 10/25/2008
Email: jgblair@sympatico.ca
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: London, Ontario, Canada

I was born in Ballyclare, County Antrim, N.Ireland, in 1936.
During WW2 we had a Scottish regiment of Royal Engineers 
(from Glasgow, I think) stationed in the town. 
Jimmy Horn and John Knox (!) taught me a wee song called:
"There's plenty mare at hame" 
It starts: "Weel, yince ah had row wi' the wife
             An' the way that it sterted wis this,
             We baith went oot for a dander ye see
             An' av coorse we tuk yin o' the weans...."
The dialect was very familiar to us in County Antrim but I 
have always wondered if there were more than the 2 verses 
they gave me.
Is anyone familiar with this song or know anything about it?
Sonse fa' ye'se a '
Jim Blair

Name: james Blair 9/27/2008
Email: james@jamesblair.orangehome.co.uk
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Wittins Curn.

A wis wonderin why a cannae get the Scots tung Wittens 
oan ma interweb thing for a while noo. A yaist tae get it every 
month tae read but somehow it gauns tae the Ask.com site. 
Cin ye help?. Am ferr missin ma wittins Scots

Name: tone 9/26/2008
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Freend.
Airt: wade morrison, gregor laddie, mr krab

1....Kyn ist aybiden. Maybe, is a close approx to your 'family 
is forever'
2....Aye, ye tault i' thaim G MacDungal / Constantine.
3....Liked yir werds, aye a lot af werds inn Lallans is derived 
frae ither sources,, - ach, this be a leid developed frae the 
Anglo-Saxon tung, aund sou are ye nay recht heer. Ach, hiya 
tae ye anyway ye teuchten laddie.

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