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Name: a freen 1/22/2007
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.

Dear McWilly,  Im sorry to see you so upset by real life 
Scot's on a real life Scot's site.  And dont be so ready to put 
down our American friend's whom a vast amount of Scot's 
had to go to live and help make America their home.  As for 
our culture and language, it is here mixed through these true 
Scottish word's on this site, alive and thriving.  Maybe you 
think it's some sort of threat to your English language and 
culture old boy, but dont be so quick to put down these 
Scot's fellow's old chap, as it's these people that help's keep 
Scotland and our tradition's alive and thrive.
Your's a real Scot.
P.S. Dont bother changing your email old boy as one should 
not think one will recieve any reply's on such "Drivel!"

Name: Mac 1/20/2007
Email: macwilley@hotmail.co.uk
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.

What a load of rot is being portrayed here on these pages! My 
guess is American with Scottish yearnings?  I have met a few of 
these fellows online and as a Scot I object to  such drivel. One 
even tried to pass off 'Brawnee' as written to a female as some 
sort of endearment? We true Scots would apreciate it if you left 
our culture and language alone.
What you are 'selling' here is DIALECT, not the Scottish 
Don't bother to email, I shall change it!

Name: Fleein Skurry 12/6/2006
Email: lisa.morrison4@homecall.co.uk
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Freend.
Airt: Fleein Skurry

Faa's eih peer guffy sassenauch eit disnae ken scots fae 
Eel fein eit er's mukkul scots speel wheechet be eih guff's, 
nay tae minshen aw eih ither kyne's a spikken's fae roon eih 
gloab eit thiv wheechet tae maak up eih, "PWIM AND 
PWOPA QUEEN'S ENGLISH", Eit ther say prood o.
"GEE YERSAYL A SHAAK MIN," An yeel finnoot eit maist 
speel enna oor gloab his bitties o ither fowkie's speel's enna 
You shall find that most languages of the world have other 
languages mixed in at some point or other, and your english 
language is not as pure as you would like to think,"Old chap".
Furthermore, I couldn't understand what gobaldygook you 
had written,I think that you tried a very poor attempt at scots, 
But thanks for the english translation of it.
Ther are University's for guff's like yourself to learn 
the "MITHER TUNG" in scotland, Feel free to educate 
yourself at the Elphinestone Kist, King's collage Aberdeen 
Thankfully our language is being recognised once again after 
year's of supression in scotland.
And as for Galic being localy scot's is untrue, this scots 
toung was banned by the english after culloden moor, and 
supressed aswell, but thanks for your concern in this matter, 
Hope you learn scot's or galic scot's, it would be very 
educational for you old boy.

Name: 12/5/2006
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.

But this isn't really Scots language, is it?? You've just taken 
English words and spelt them out how a Scottish person 
would pronounce them. I thought Gaelic was the local lingo.

Maybe because I live in London I should write - 'Bu' vis int 
reelly Scots langwidge, is it? Yoove jast tie-kn Inglish words 
an' spailt vem art 'ow a Sco'ish persun wood pre-nance vem.' 
You get my point, I'm sure.

Name: Arthur 12/3/2006
Email: arthurnlynn@aol.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Pardon my French

Which is good ol' American slang for "Excuse my foul 
language." Came across three lines of Old Scots in "Merlin" 
by N.L.Goodrich. Have a fair idea of meaning but would 
appreciate help from anyone in correcting or refining my 
interpretation. It goes thus, "The ship's in the howe o' a roarin' 
wave An' thy luve's i' the merlin's cell... But the merlin he noo 
maun wed." From the DOST and the book I take howe to 
imply burial mound and merlin a mermaid. And read it as "the 
ship is buried under a roaring wave". And then, as we might 
put it over here, "your love is sleeping with the fishes". I read 
the last line as "And the mermaid he now must wed." And 
depending on your attitude toward marriage it means either 
heavenly rapture or just plain everlasting death. What do you 
think? If anyone has another sense of this or anymore lines to 
add to it I'de be happy to hear from you. Don't know how but 
glad I found this rich, interesting and educational source of 
Scots language and lore. 
 Good health.   AFL, Bainbridge Is, Wa.

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