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Name: Christie Wescott 8/23/2004
Email: scc33@adelphia.net
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.

Wonderful source of Scots info - delightful writings and 
poetry, the audio is fantastic...maith thú!  (Irish here - Níl 
Gaeilge Albanach agam - but wish you would have some of 
the Erse - if not but as an aid to some of the Scots)   Best to 
you and may you succeed in passing on the language! 


Name: Andi ye ken? 8/23/2004
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.

This site is great! Love it! I've loved the Scottish 
accent/dialect/language lol and I've been yearnin to learn it!

Name: peebles, richard kerr 8/7/2004
Email: peebsmister@hotmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Freend.
Airt: a new word fur ye

thone english translation: that thing.

Wabmaister's Comment. Thanks, but its no awfu new. It's aye been 
kent as thon or yon.

Name: S. J. Gum 7/24/2004
Email: trikt@sbcglobal.net
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.

I ran across your very interesting site while Googling for 
something else. While I was browsing through the "proverbs" 
I ran across this: 

"Bairns maun creep or thay gang." which was translated 
as "Those who don't succeed very well at first may do better 

I would have thought a better translation would be: "A child  
must crawl before it can walk."  -- but then, I'm from Texas -- 
so I may be talking through my hat.  (talking about 
something you know nothing about).

I found the page on idioms fascinating reading and in just a 
few pages of your very interesting language lessons, I was 
able to spot quite a few words and expressions that have 
made their way across the pond into American speech  --  
like calling a bag or sack a "poke" -- "Don't buy a pig in a 
poke" is a very common expression in the Southern US 
meaning don't buy something without checking it out first.  -- 
or doing something "to get a rise out of" (provoke) someone. 

I wasn't able to stay nearly as long as I would have liked this 
time, but I've bookmarked your site, so I can come back 
again when I have more time to explore and enjoy.

I live in the Texas "pan handle" (the rectangular bit on the 
north end that is in between Oklahoma and New Mexico) and 
we have a strong Scots heritage here in this part of Texas. 
The country just south of where I live was part of the original 
Matador Ranch (400,000 acres) that was owned by a 
corporation based in Dundee, so some Scots came here to 
work for the ranch, but many others followed to take 
advantage of the homestead laws to settle in Texas and build 
a new home on the range. We are proud of our Scots 
heritage, and we'd be proud to have you come visit us. The 
National Ranching Heritage Center here in Lubbock, Texas, 
is dedicated to preserving the history of the ranching industry 
and the Historical Park features the old headquarters building 
from the Matador Ranch (1882) along with many other 
historical buildings from the area that have been acurately 
restored and relocated to the museum grounds, including a 
linecamp, dugout, bunkhouse, blacksmith shop, cowchip 
house, schoolhouse, corrals, shipping pens, windmills, 
chuckwagons, and a coal burning locomotive.  
Visit the NRHC online at 
or come see Buddy Holly's home town in person and stay in 
a real Santa Fe caboose. 
Yawl come by 'n see us, now.  We'll dish yuh up uh big ol' 
plate uh barbecue, pinto beans, tater salad 'n cornbread, 'n 
fix yuh uh great big pitcher uh Margaritas, so come hungry, 'n 
after supper we'll chaw 'n jaw uh while out on thuh front 
porch, 'n we'll teach yuh to talk Texan. 
sjg:o)) >^..^<>^..^<>^..^<

Name: Eddie Bruce 7/9/2004
Email: EBruceFUIMUS@aol.com
Hamepage: A Drifter's Legacy
URL: http://www.adrifterslegacy.co.uk
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Fae Elgin but noo in Essex, England

My website his short stories fae The Moray Firth Coast an' 
ither airts.  Tak a peep.

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