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Name: Len Murray 4/22/2002
Email: len.murray@ntlworld.com
URL: http://www.lenmurray.co.uk
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: Bearsden, near Glasgow


Name: Evelyn Fountaine nee Scott/Gash 4/21/2002
Email: deev@vanuatu.com.vu
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Ah yaised to bide at Wilton Hill Terrace an went tae H.H.Skil 
frae 1945 tae 1957 wi twae eers awa in New Zealand. Yin o 
ma freens was Irene Murray, now mairit on John 
Douglas. "Samson" Leetheed yasied tae be another freen. 
Onbody else ken whae ah im?

Name: Jason Robertson 4/13/2002
Email: the_celt13@hotmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: Canton, PA. USA

Thank you for providing this service. I love learning about my 
Scottish roots and have recently taken an interest in learning 
Gaelic. I found this site quite by accident and now have a new 
interest! It's funny, the founding fathers of my rural town came 
from Scotland, Ulster, and northern England. Their 
decendents say things like "the dog needs out" and "going to 
the Bilo (supermarket)." I thought this was odd, because I 
come from Philadelphia originally, and we don't speak like 
this. But after looking at your site, I've made a connection; 
this is all carried over from Scot's English! It all makes sense 
now. Thank you again for keeping the language alive. It's 
important that people learn about it.

Name: Claudia 4/12/2002
Email: adkobm@tin.it
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.

I am an Italian student. I am writing my final essay in order to 
have my graduation. The essay is on the Scottish language 
which I love.
I have also lived in Aberdeen for a while. I would appreciate if 
someone, that know Scottish better then me, could help me . 
Thanks! Please help

Name: Joan 4/11/2002
Email: lillslie@optusnet.com.au
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: Western Australia

I had great difficulty reading the last page and I will have to 
practise before I can write as I used to speak. If I remember 
correctly speaking in the lowland tongue was discouraged.

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