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Name: lisa 4/9/2002
Email: zazzy_46@hotmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: Oregon

I've been searching Scots dictionaries online for "slainte" ... 
can't find it!

Would appreciate the help of you who read this.

Name: Danise 3/15/2002
Email: olderbrat@wmconnect.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: U.S.A. ,Idaho

Was asked to name new baby girl Elderia was told it was 
from Scotland is it, and if it is what is the meaning if any?

Dern Message 3/13/2002

Name: Gerald Tighe 3/8/2002
Email: tighe@sympatico.ca
Hamepage: ArtPhotoPrints
URL: http://www3.sympatico.ca/tighe/index1.htm#index1
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: Ontario, Canada

Aye Folk:
Kin a biddy gius a han whi the speerin ablow. It's fae a freen 
tha wirks in bye Fergus, Ontario

"Hi Gerald.
Archive problem: Can you help with this exhortation[?],
found on the front of what appears to be a Christmas card.


At first I thought it was the family name of the couple whose 
photo was inside - but a quick search of the net
reveals no family name like that. And if it was a place-name, 
that would have popped up as well."

A woner gin it micht bae the spelling/pronuncation ilk o 
Milnegavie, and Menzies.
Many thanks
Byde Wyle

Name: Marie 3/3/2002
Email: Celticgirl1@msn.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.

I am so proud of this web site. I am an Aberdonian, I left 
Aberdeen 31 years ago. I go home to see my MUM as often 
as I can. I spoke the Doric but did not learn to write it. I went 
to Powis School and we were almost made to feel affronted of 
speaking like that. I remember my English teacher making 
me get up in front of my class and telling me that my MUM 
did not work "in the fish". But my MUM did work in the fish. 
I'm so happy that the shame is not there any more. Thanks 
so much for having this website.

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