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Name: justme 10/9/2010
Email: theweeghostygirl@yahoo.de
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Glasgow


I came accross this site today and find it very useful. I am
no Scotsspeaker and also no native Englishspeaker, but can
find many words here reminding me on Low German dialects
(But an Ben - buten un binnen...). I like the effort being
made to revive this interesting language. May be a link to
some community sites like facebook would increase the
popularity of this lovely site even further.

Name: Ruth Pinder nee Boyle 10/3/2010
Email: ruth_pinder@yahoo.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.

I am an expatriate living in the island of Abaco, the 
Bahamas,, I left Scotland in June 1953 to sail to Canada 
and then left Canada to go  to Nassau The Bahamas in 
1958, I moved to Abaco in 1995 and live in Marsh Harrbour, 
a very small community.  Having been born and bred in 
Glasgow I never thought that I would live in a village but 
although I visit Scotland every so often this is my home now, 
I married a Bahamian in 1960. had two sons, one lives in 
BC Canada, and the other lives here with my beautiful 
daaughter-in-law and three great grandchildren.  I think you 
will find Scots wherever you go in the world and I am very 
proud of my heritage, Scottish and Irish

Name: Lorri A 9/8/2010
Email: random.diva@gmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Love this site

Being a Kiwi who was married to a Scotsman who died 11 1/2
years ago, what good furtune to happen upon this site
tonight.  Brillian, just brilliant.  I can still 'hear' him
talking, thanks for the memories.    

Name: Martin ter Denge 5/25/2010
Email: mtd76@hotmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.

I don't speak Scots, but I'm from the east of the Netherlands, 
where people speak Low Saxon. I'm currently conducting a 
research after similarities between Scots and Low Saxon, 
and your website is very useful. I have found many words 
(which you often took for Danish) to be nearly identical to 
their Low Saxon counterparts. 

Thank you very much,

Martin ter Denge

Name: Peter Stewart 5/11/2010
Email: lairdofmontrose@gmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: cleg or clegg

Well I'm astonished, especially today, that you have omitted that great 
biting thing called a cleg from your word search. Horsefly, gadfly, in 
Scotland we 
call it a CLEG or CLEGG 

Try the dictionary. Wabmaister.

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