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Name: Norrie 12/4/2000
Email: cabbie754@aol.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: A Sairch Ingine.
Airt: Edinburgh Scotland

Great site. The problem I have is that I think the language is 
slowly dying.

My son (13) laughs at me because I pronounce words in 
Scots like dug, polis, hoose ect. 

In the real world, particulary in Edinburgh, you are considered 
to be 'common' and un-educated if you use these words. 
Scots words are still heard in the Capital but only by 'Working 
class' people in the housing schemes or older folks like me.

The younger ones seem to be speaking scots less. It's quite 
sad really but it's a sign of the times I suppose!

Name: Diane Hannoush 11/27/2000
Email: diane.hannoush@sympatico.ca
Hamepage: Sympatico-Lycos
URL: http://pre.sympatico.ca
Airtit bi: A Freend.

As i have a passion for Scotland and all that is scottish..i 
also wish to understand the scots u speak!
I will be visiting Scotland in the near future and want to learn 
as much as possible of it before i do go!
I thank my friend for refering to this site...and Thank you as 
well for being here!
Regards and Slainte....Diane

Name: Annie Feeley 11/24/2000
Email: anniefeeley@hotmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: near Dunoon, Scotland

Love the site! I'm an American who's recently married a Scot 
and have a strong interest in Scottish history, language, 
culture. This site was just what I was hunting for! Fair faa

Name: A Colmes 11/23/2000
Email: Ascolmes@hotmail.com
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: USA

I came cause I'm interested in languages and dialects which I 
study a lot 
but I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the best sites 
I've ever
seen for clarity, completenes of info, aesthetics and interest 
Good Going

Name: Donald Buchanan 11/21/2000
Email: buckleandsue@mail2me.com.au
URL: http://
Airtit bi: Juist comin ower it.
Airt: Perth WA

Guid tae see thi mither tung.
Will be back soon

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