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Pittin the Mither Tongue on the Wab

Scots, the language of lowland Scotland descended from Northern Middle English, often called Broad Scots or Scotch, the Doric, the Buchan Claik, the Patter, Lallans (Lowland Scots), and to some, simply Scottish dialect.

Mither Tongue Keith

Wir Ain Leed

Our Own Language - An Introduction to Modern Scots. Includes the historical backround and discusses issues of language or dialect. Describes the Scots dialects and their pronunciation. Wir Ain Leed also includes a description of Modern Scots orthography, grammar, idioms and proverbs.

An Introduction to Modern Scots

A PDF version of 'Wir Ain Leed' that contains additional material in A4 format so as to be be printed and read as a book.
Scots Books

Scots Reader

Scots texts for those who are interested in learning Scots or for those who already speak it and wish to enjoy it.

Listen In Listen In!

A celebration of spoken Scots for the 2019 International Year of Indigenous languages.

The Online Scots Dictionary

Translate from Scots to English or from English to Scots. You can even leaf through the Scots to English dictionary as in a book. However, before you do, we suggest you read the instructions first.
The Android Scots Dictionary App is available in Google Play.


Various articles in an about the Scots language. In particular Aw Ae Oo - Scots in Scotland and Ulster and Aw Ae Wey - Written Scots in Scotland and Ulster.

Scots Aboot Us

A photo slideshow of written Scots on street signs, homes, farms, boats, earthenware, and various other objects.


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