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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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aback, a-back, abak, a-bak, abeck, ahintbacks, ahint-backs, ahintbaks, baak, bac, back, back_o, backaboot, back-aboot, backard, backart, backarties, backarts, backerties, backet, backey, backid, backie, backin, backins, backit, backlings, backlins, backman, backs, backsie-in, backsy-in, backwart, backwarts, backwird, backy, backy, bak, bakk, bakkin, bakkins, baklins, bakt, bawk, beck, bek, bik, black_back, black-back, buckie, coax, coaxie, coaxy, cokesie, cokeyback, cokey-back, coksie, coxy, grayback, greyback, grey-back, haste-ye-back, ootback, peerie_swaabie, peerie_swarbie, reidback, reid-back, sand_backie, sandie, sandy, saund_backie, saundie, swaabi, swaabie, swaabie, swabbi, swabek, swabi, swarbie, swarfarro, swartback, swart-back,
back [bak]
n. Back.
pl. backs The refuse of flax or wool etc.
dim. backie The back-yard or garden. A piggy-back ride.
v. Back. Address a letter.
pt. pp. backit adj. Backed.

Compounds and phrases etc.
aback [əˈ-]: adv. Behind, in the rear, away, aloof, off, since, ago.
ahint-backs: Behind the back, without someone's knowledge (in an unfair manner).
a while back: Some time ago.
backaboot: I.Sh. Lonely, remote.
back-end: Autumn.
backin [ˈbakɪn]: Backing. Writing the address on an envelope or the address on the envelope.
backins: U. Support or assistance.
backlins [-lɪnz]: adv. Backwards. On or after the back. In a reverse direction or order, from end to beginning.
adj. Modest.
backman: A henchman.
back o: Back of ...
backsie-in: A football player doubling as goalkeeper.
backwarts, backarts [-(w)ərts], backarties adv. Backward(s).
gae back: Of persons, animals or growing things: to deteriorate, fall off, lose ground.
haste ye back: Come back soon.
black back: The flounder Platichthys flesus.
cokey-back, cokesie: SW. To go piggyback.
grayback: NEC. MN. NN.b. The hooded crow Corvus cornix. MN. A Burghead and Hopeman name for the black-backed flounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus. SW. A louse.
ootback: SW. An outlying pasture.
reid-back [rid-, rɪd-]: A ladybird.
saund backie, saundie: MN. The sand martin Riparia riparia.
slicht back: I.Sh. The right whale Balaena glacialis.
swart-back, swarbie: I. The greater black-backed gull Larus marinus, also I.Ork. swarfarro.
peerie swarbie: I.Sh. The lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus.
aiss-backet, ase-backet, ase-bucket, back, backet, backie, backkat, baket, bakkat, bakket, bucket, buckie, buckit, bukkit, ess-backet, essibacket, essibakket, essibucket, saut-backet, saut-backets,
back [bak]
usually backet [ˈbakət]
n. A wooden box for carrying fuel, or ashes etc.
dim. backie
Compounds and phrases etc.
ess-backet [es-, as-, ɛs-, ɑːz-]: An ash 'bucket'.
saut-backet: A salt-box.
baad, bad, badlie, badlin, badling, badly, baud,
bad [bad]
adj. Unwell, sick, in pain, ill in body. Distressed in mind, anxious.
adv. Badly.
adj. Unwell. Of health: ill, in a state or condition of ill health, ailing.
Compounds and phrases etc.
badlin: A worthless fellow, a scamp, a naughty child.
no bad: Not bad, pretty good, satisfactory.
baad, bad, badd, baid, baud, bed,
bad [I.Sh. baːd]
n. An article of clothing. A suit of clothes.
badderlock, badderlocks, batherlock, batherlocks, butterlug, dabberlack, dabberlacks, dabberlick, dabberlicks, dabberlock, dabberlock, dabberlocks, daberlack, daberlick,
badderlock [ˈbadərlɔk]
Usually used in the pl. badderlocks, also batherlocks [ˈbaðərlɔks] and MN. dabberlock [ˈdabərlək, ˈdabərlɔk].
n. An edible seaweed, usually Alaria esculenta.
baddock, buddik,
baddock [ˈbadək]
n. MN. The coalfish Pollachius virens or its fry.
badock, badock,
badock [ˈbasək]
n. The great skua Stercorarius skua.
bae, bai, bay,
bae [beː]
n. A sheep's bleat, a calf's cry.
v. To bleat like a sheep.
baffie, baffy, bafie, baft, baif, bamf, bauf, beff, buff, buff,
baff [baf, MN. bɛf, bef]
n. A blow, buffet, a shot, a thud, a jog with the elbow, a big clumsy person.
v. To beat, to strike.
Compounds and phrases etc.
baffie: A kind of golf club (4 wood), a blow with the back of the hand.
baff, baffie, baffies, baffis, baffle, baffs, baffy, baft, beff, bouf, bowf, buff,
baff [baf]
usually pl. baffs Carpet slippers.
dim. baffies

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