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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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da, dae, dai, doe,
dae [deː]
n. A doe.
d$ae, da, daa, dae, dae, dae$d, dae$in, dae$n, dae$na, dae$t, daed, daedna, daednae, dae-een, daein, daeins, daeless, daen, daen, daena, daenae, daeny, daer, daes, daesna, daesnae, daesno, daester, dah, dain, dain, dain, daless, dane, dannae, danny, dawn, day, day, dayin, de, de, de$e, de$in, dea, deade, ded, dedna, dee, dee$d, dee$t, deean, dee-er, deein, deeless, deen, deeney, deer, dees, dees-nae, deester, deet, deeun, deh, deh, dein, dennin, denny, des, deu, deualess, deuan, deuanless, deud, deudno, deueen, deuless, deun, deus, deusno, dew, dey, dey, di, di, di$, did, did$na, diddny, didn$a, didn$e, didn$y, didna, didna$, didnae, didnay, didni, didni$, didnie, didnin, didno, didny, dih, din, dinae, dinna, dinnae, dinnay, dinne, dinney, dinni, dinnia, dinnie, dinno, dinny, dis, disn$y, disna, disnae, disni, disni$, disnie, disnint, disny, div, dive, diven$t, divent, divin, divn, divn$t, divna, divnae, divnin, diz, dizna, diznae, diznie, dizny, dizzny, dna, dö, dø, doan, doan, doed, doein, doen, doena, doer, döes, doesna, doesnae, doesny, doin, døin, doless, döless, døless, dolos, dølos, don, dön, donna, doon, dösna, douniea dae$, dow, dozny, du, dud, dui, duid, duiless, duin, duin, duine, duis, duisna, dun, dune, düne, dunna, dus, dusna, dusnae, duv, duvna, duvnae, duvnie, dyen, fair_duin, hann-daen, haund-duin, ill_deein, ill-dae$n, ill-daein, ill-daen, ill-daer, ill-dane, illdeein, ill-deein, ill-deen, ill-deer, ill-din, ill-döer, ill-doon, ill-duier, ill-duin, ill-dun, ill-dune, ondane, on-deen, oot_dae, ootdae, ootdee, ootdön, ootduin, oot-duin, sair_deen, sair_duin, undae, undaen, undee, undeen, unduin, weel-daein, weill-daein, wrang-daein,
dae [I. døː, S. C. U. deː, N. I. diː]
v. To do.
also interrogative div [dɪv]
pt. daed [I. døːd, dyd, deːd], did [dɪd] Did.
pp. duin [I. døn, dyn, S. C. dɪn, N. diːn], daen [deːn] adj. done, ready, finished, exhausted.
neg. daena, dinna [-nə S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne] contracted dae' [de] or di' [dɪ, də] Do not, don't.
also interrogative divna [ˈdɪvnə S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne] Don't.
neg. daedna, didna [-nə S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne], MN. Interrogative didnin, divnin Did not, didn't ...?
v. daes, dis Does
neg. daesna, disna [-nə S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne] also MN. Interrogative divnin Does not, doesn't ...?
Compounds and phrases etc.
ain haund-daein: N. Own fault, brought upon one's self.
daein [døːɪn, deːən, N. diːən]: Doing.
dae it contracted dae't: Do it.
daeless: Helpless, feeble, useless.
daer [døːr, deːr, N. diːr]: A doer, a person who acts for another, a factor, an agent.
daester [-:ˈstər]: A person in authority, doer, promoter.
fair duin: Dog-tired.
fochten duin: Worn out with hard work.
haund-duin: Home-made.
ill-daein: A misdemeanour, bad behaviour, disolute.
ill-daer: An evildoer.
ill-duin: Wrong, ill-behaved, perverse, mischievous.
mak a dae: I.Sh. To pretend, a pretence.
maun-dae: Necessity, compulsion.
no duin: Unfinished.
oot dae: Out do.
oot-duin: I.Sh. Tired out.
sair duin: Exhausted. Of food: overcooked.
undae: To undo, pp. unduin, undaen.
un-duin: Without doing.
weel-daein: Successful, affluent.
wrang-daein: Crime.
daff, dafferie, daffery, daffin, dafrie, dafry,
daff [daf]
v. To jest, to play, sport, frolic, flirt.
Compounds and phrases etc.
dafferie [ˈdafərɪ]: Folly, foolishness, fun, merriment.
daffin [ˈdafɪn]: Merriment. Jesting, playing, frolicin, flirting.
daffin, daffins,
daffin [NN.b. ˈdafɪn]
usually pl. daffins
n. The cords used to fasten drift-nets to the back-raip.
daffack, daffick, daffik, daffik, daffo, daffock, daffock, dafi, dafo,
daffock [I. ˈdafək, dafɪk, I.Ork. ˈdafo]
n. A small wooden tub or pail.
daffadile, daffadiles, daffen, daffens, daffie, daffies, daffin, daffins, daffodil, daffodils, daffydil, daffydils,
daffodil [ˈdafədɪl]
n. The daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus.
dim. daffie, daffin
daft, daftie, daftlike, daftness, dafty,
daft [daft]
adj. Mentally deranged, foolish, silly, giddy.
daftie [ˈdaftɪ]
n. An idiot.
Compounds and phrases etc.
daft aboot: Infatuated with.
daftlike: Foolish.
daftness: Foolishness.
daag, dag, dagastui, dagg, daggastÖ, daggastø, daggastui, daggie, daggle, daggy, deg, ondag,
dag [dag]
n. A thin, drizzling rain. S. WC. A thick heavy fog or mist.
v. S. To rain gently, to drizzle.
adj. Drizzling, moist, misty.
daggle [ˈdagl]
v. To move, act or work slowly or idly, to rain heavily.
Compounds and phrases etc.
ondag: MN. A shower, a heavy fall of rain.
dagastui: I.Sh. A fishermen's tabu-word for wind with rain.
dag, dagon$d, dagont, deg, dig, digont, dog,
dag [dag, deg, dɔg]
n. An oath meaning to confound.
Compounds and phrases etc.
dag on it: Confounded.
daibbelt, daibble, daibelt, daible, dauble, debble, dibble,
daible [debl]
also dauble [ˈdɑːbəl, ˈdɔːbəl, N. ˈdaːbəl]
v. To dabble, to wash.
pt. pp. daibelt

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