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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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aesie, aesier, aesy, aesyr, aise, aised, aisedom, aisemenn, aisement, aisements, aiser, aisie, aisie_gaan, aisie_oasie, aisieer, aisier, aisily, aisit, aisment, aisments, aiss, aissdom, aisy, aisy_gaan, aisy_oasy, aisyer, aisy-gan, aisy-gaun, aize, asiest, easdom, easdome, ease, eased, easedom, easement, easements, easie, easie-osie, easier, easiest, easy, easy_gaan, easy_gaun, easy_osy, easyer, easy-gaun, easy-oasie, easy-oasy, easy-osy, eesie-osie, eise, esy, esyr, eyse, eyzey, Jaick-easy, Jaik-easy, jake-easy, Jeck-easy, Jock-easy, onaise, unaise, unaisy, unease, uneasy, wasy_oasy,
ease [iːz, eːz, NN.b. əiz]
n. Ease. A reduction or remission of an amount or service due.
v. To ease. To provide, furnish, advance money.
pt. pp. eased
easy [ˈiːzɪ, ˈeːzɪ, NN.b. əizi]
adv. Easily.
adj. Easy.
comp. easier
superl. easiest
Compounds and phrases etc.
easedom: Comfort, leisure. Relief from anxiety or pain etc.
easement: Relief from physical discomfort or inconvenience. Pecuniary assistance.
easements: Accommodation in a general sense, either in regard to entertainment or lodgings, buildings etc.
easy-gaun: Easy-going, laid-back.
easy-oasy [-oːzɪ]: Easy-going, inclined to be lazy. Involving the minnimum of effort.
ill at ease: Uncomfortable.
Jock-easy: Off-hand, easy-going, indifferent.
unease: Unease, uneasiness.
uneasy: Uneasy.
aeshins, aishins, aisin, aisins, aizin, aizins, ease-waas, easin, easin-drapper, easin-gang, easins, easins, easwas, easwaws, eazin, eazin-dropper, eazles, eesewas, eezen, eezens, eezin, eezins, eisin, eisins, eize_wa$s, eizewaa, eiz-wa$s, eiz-waaz, esing, esins,
easins [ˈiːz(ə)nz, ˈeːzɪnz]
n. pl. The eaves of a building, the edge of the sky, the horizon.
Compounds and phrases etc.
easin drap: An an eavesdrop. The part of the roof which juts over the wall from which the rain drips.
easin-drapper: U. An eavesdropper, a listener.
easin-gang: A row of sheaves projecting from a stack to keep the rain off.
easwaws: NN.b. The top of the walls of a house on which the rafters rest, the inner angle between the level top of a wall and the sloping edge of an unlined roof often serving as a shelf.
aesle, aest, aestard, aester, aestle, aestlin, aestmaist, aist, aister, aisther, aistle, aistlin, aistmaist, aistward, black-east, black-easter, easht, easle, eassla, east, eastard, eastart, easte, easte, easter, eastirt, eastle, eastlin, eastlins, eastmaist, eastwart, eist, eister, eistlin, est, eyst,
east [ist, est, ɛst]
n. The east.
adv. To, toward, or in the east.
adj. Situated in or facing or moving toward the east.
comp. easter Farther east.
superl. eastmaist [ˈis(t)ˈmest, -ˈmɛst etc.] Easternmost
eastle [is(t)l etc.]
n. The east The eastern district of Hawick.
adv. Towards the east, eastwards
adj. Easterly.
Compounds and phrases etc.
be-east: To the east of.
black-east, black-easter: SW. A cold, dry east-wind.
eastlin: Eastern, easterly.
east(w)art: Eastwards.
gray-easter: SW. A cold, dry east-wind.
Aisterhoose, Easterhoose, Eisterhoose,
Easterhoose [ˈistərhus, ˈestər, ˈɛstər-]
pn. Easterhouse (Glasgow).
Aisthine, Aisthyne, Easthain, Easthine, Easthyne,
Easthine [ˈisthəin, ˈest-]
pn. Easthaven (Angus).
Eastriggs, Eastrigs,
Eastrigs [ˈistrɪgz, ˈest-, ˈɛst-]
pn. Eastrig(g)s.
From east and rig.
aet, aeten, aeter, aetin, aetit, aetock, ait, ait, aiten, aiter, aitin, aiting, aitit, aitock, ate, ate, atein, atein, aten, ateock, ater, atin, ayt, ayten, ayter, eat, eat, eaten, eater, eatin, eatit, eatock, eattock, eet, eeter, eht, eht, ehter, ehtock, eit, eiten, eiter, eitin, eitit, eitock, et, ett, ett, etten, etter, ettin, ettn, eyt, eyten, eyter, eytin, öt, ötten, uit, üt,
eat [it, et, ɛt]
v. To eat. To cause to be eaten by grazing animals.
pt. ett [ɛt,], eatit [ˈitɪt, ˈetɪt] Ate.
pp. eaten [ˈitən, ˈetən], etten [ˈɛtən] Eaten.
Compounds and phrases etc.
eater One who eats, an eater. dim. eatock [ˈitək etc.] A tit-bit.
eaten wi: Eaten by.
eater: Someone or something that eats.
eatin [ˈitɪn, ˈetɪn, ˈɛtɪn]: Eating.
ebb, ebb_picker, ebbin, ebb-picker, grund-ebb,
ebb [ɛb, MN. əib]
n. The foreshore, that part of the shore between high and low water marks. A shallow.
adj. Of water or of vessels and their contents: shallow. Of cloth etc.: narrow. Of ground, particularly with reference to ploughing or mining: shallow.
v. To make shallow.
Compounds and phrases etc.
ebbin: Ebbing.
ebb-picker: The turnstone Arenaria interpres.
grund-ebb: Low tide.
Eccelfechen, Ecclefechan, Fechan, Fechen, Feckem,
Ecclefechan [ɛklˈfɛçən]
pn. Ecclefechan (Dumfries and Galloway).
dim. (The) Fechan.
aich, aicha, aichan, ech, echa, echo,
echa [ɛçə]
n. An echo.
v. To echo.

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