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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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habit, habite, hob, hobb, hobbet, hub, hubbet, hubbit,
habite [ˈhɑbɪt]
Usually in the phrase habite an repute Held and reputed to be so and so. In the law of theft: the reputation of being a thief. In civil law: the reputation of being married which coupled with cohabitation constitutes an irregular marriage.
v. I.Sh. To suspect or accuse of dishonesty, hold guilty of a crime. to jibe at or disparage in earnest or jokingly.
pt. pp. hubbit adj. Suspected of dishonesty.
haak, hack, hackie, hauk, hawk,
hack [hak, hɑk]
n. A pronged tool for working soil. A kind of adze used by joiners.
dim. hackie A pick-ended hammer.
hack, hack_stock, hack-block, hacker, hacket, hackett, hackid, hackie, hackin, hackin-block, hackit, hacks, hackstock, had-block, hag, hag-block, haggin-block, haggit, hak, hakk, hakkit, hauckit, hawk, hawk-block, hawkit, heck, heg, heg-block,
hack [hak]
n. A hack. A notch on a graded scale. A certain amount of time or distance. A portion cut, a slice, chunk. A chap or crack in the skin caused by cold or frost.
pl. hacks Chaps, the effects of severe cold.
dim. hackie A certain amount, a bit.
v. To hack, chop, cut corn.
pt. pp. hackit adj. Hacked, chapped by severe cold. Ugly, unattractive.
hacker [ˈhakər]
v. To hash in cutting, to hack small.
Compounds and phrases etc.
hackstock, hackin stock: A chopping block.
hack-block: A chopping block.
haddae, haddick, haddie, haddie_breeks, haddo, haddo_breeks, haddock, haddy, huddick, huddik, huddy, Jerusalem_haddie, Jerusalem_haddo,
haddock [ˈhadək]
n. The haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus.
dim. haddie also the Loch Killin char Salvelinus killinensis.
Compounds and phrases etc.
barbarian haddie: NN.b. The sea bream Pagellus bogaraveo
haddie-breeks [ˈhadibriks]: SEC. Haddock roe.
Jerusalem haddie: NEC. SN. MN. NN.a. The opah Lampris luna.
Monanday's haddie: NN.a. A fish that has lost its freshness
siller haddock: SEC. WC. MN. The John Dory Zeus faber.
tiled haddock: Dried and cured in the sun.
$a$, $ae, $d, $uv, $v, $ve, a, ae, coud$a$, couda, coulda, cuda, cudda, cuid$a, ev, ha, ha$, ha$e, ha$en, ha$ena, ha$in, haddae, hadnae, Hadni, hadny, hae, hae$in, hae$t, haed, haedna, haednae, haein, haen, haen, haena, haenae, haeney, haeny, haes, haesna, haesnae, haet, haetae, haety, haev, haeve, haevein, haevin$, hai, haid, hain, haive, hane, hanna, hannae, hase, hasnae, hasne, hasny, hav, have, havena, havenae, havenay, haveni, haveny, havin, havna, havnae, havtae, havty, haw, hay, hay$in, hayen, hayin, hayin$, hayney, hed, hedna, hednae, heed, heen, heeney, heeney, heh, hes, hesna, hesnae, hev, hevin, hevna, hevvin, hey, hez, hezna, heznae, hid, hidd, hiddae, hidna, hidnae, hie, hifty, hin, hinna, hinnae, his, hisna, hisnae, hisny, hittae, hiv, hiv_tae, hive, hivin, hivna, hivnae, hivny, hivti, hivven, hivvin, hiz, hizna, hiznae, hiznah, hud, hudna, hudnae, hudni, hudni$, hudnie, hudny, hudtae, hufty, hunae, hus, husna, husnae, husny, hustae, huv, huvin, huvn$y, huvnae, huvny, huvtae, huvvin, huz, huzny, is, o, on-hed, uv,
hae [heː]
May be contracted 'a' [ə] in colloquial speech after coud, haed, micht, shoud and wad.
also hiv [hɪv, hʌv], contracted 'v.
v. To have.
pt. haed [heːd, hɛd, hɪd, hʌd] Had. Contacted 'd.
pp. haed, haen [hen] Had.
neg. haedna [heːdnə, hɛdnə, hɪdnə, hʌdnə, S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne]: Hadn't.
neg. haena [henə, S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne], hinna [hɪnə, S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne], hivna [həvnə, hʌvnə, C. U. -ne]: haven't.
haes [heːz, hɪz, hʌz]: Has.
neg. haesna [-nə S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne]: Hasn't.
Compounds and phrases etc.
haein [heː(ɪ)n], hivin [hɪvɪn, hʌv-]: Having.
hae it contracted hae't [heːt, heːd]: Have it.
hae tae, hiv tae: Have to.
un-haed: Without having.
hack, hag, hagmark, hagmerk, hags, hak, haug, hawk, heg, moss-hags, peat-hag,
hag [hag]
n. A soft marshy hollow piece of ground in a moor. A hillock of firmer ground in a moss.
Compounds and phrases etc.
hagmerk: I.Sh. A mark indicating the boundary between two hill pastures.
moss-hags: The broken ground of a peat-bog.
peat-hag: A hole or pit left in an old peat-working.
hack, hag, haggie, hagman, hak, haug, hawk, heg,
hag [hag]
n. A stall fed ox. One who tends fat cattle.
aggle, hack, hack-block, hackin-block, had-block, hag, hag-block, hag-clog, haggel, hagger, haggered, haggernash, haggersnash, hagger-snash, haggert, haggin-block, haggis, haggle, haghel, hagil, hagle, hags, haigel, haiggle, haigle, hak, haug, hawk, hawk-block, hechle, heckle, heg, heg-block,
hag [hag]
n. The chopped brushwood and branches. A stroke with an axe or cleaver. A notch, a hack.
v. To chop wood, to hack clumsily, cut down trees and prepare the timber.
n. A deep jagged cut such as is made by a knife or other slashing implement. A wound.
v. To cut, slice clumsily or unevenly so as to leave a jagged edge. To bungle, to make a mess of.
pt. pp. haggert, haggered adj. Jaggedly cut, full of notches, mangled.
haggle [hagl, S. hegl]
v. To cut unevenly, to hack or mangle. S. To carry something awkward or cumbersome.
Compounds and phrases etc.
hag-block, hag-clog: A chopping block.
hagger-snash: Offal, scraps of meat. Of speech: tart, cutting. Spiteful.
mak a hagger o, mak a hags o: To make a botch of.
hagarde, haggard, haggarden, haggart, hagyard, hag-yard, heggard, higyard,
haggard [ˈhagərd]
n. A stackyard.
hagger, hoger, hugger,
hagger [ˈˈhagər, I. ˈhɔgər, ˈhʌgər]
n. NN.b. A choppy sea, accompanied by wind and rain.
v. N. To drizzle, rain gently.

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