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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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caak, caik, kaik, keck,
keck [kɛk]
v. SEC. To draw back from an offer, bid or undertaking. To resile. S. SEC. SW. To faint or swoon suddenly.
Compounds and phrases etc.
Tak the keck [kɛk, kek]: S. To have a stitch, a sharp pain in the side.
kade, kaed, kaid, keb, keb, ked, kedd, kib, kid, tyed,
ked [kɛd, ked]
n. A sheep tick.
ceech, ceechk, ceich, keech, keeche, keecher, keeger, keegh, keek, keekh, keich, keigh, kich, kicher, kiech, kigger, kigger, kweecher, kweeger, kwigger, queecher, queeger, queigher, quicher, quig, quig, quigger,
keech [kiç, kɪç]
n. Ordure, excrement, filth or dirt of any kind. An exclamation of disgust, a warning to a child not to touch something dirty or undesirable.
v. To void excrement.
keecher [ˈkiçər, ˈkɪçər, MN. kigər]
also MN. kweecher [ˈk(w)igər ˈk(w)ɪgər, ˈkwiçər]
n. A mess, untidy mixture, muddle, conglomeration.
v. To mix up messily, to mess about slovenly. To puddle, potter, work ineffectively.
caochan, caochan, keechan, skeech, skeechan, skeich, skeichan,
keechan [ˈkixən]
also with prothetic s skeechan [NN.b. ˈskixən]
n. The liquor after it has been drawn from the draff or grains, and fermented, before going through the still. An intoxicating malt liquor produced in the later stages of brewing ale and formerly used by bakers in place of yeast. Sometimes mixed with treacle or molasses and sold as a kind of beer.
cook, geek, keeg, keeger, keeghole, keegit, keek, keek_o_day, keeked, keeker, keekhole, keek-hole, keekie-mammy, keekin, keekit, keek-o-day, keekt, keger, keig, keik, keiker, keikhole, keik-hole, keikin, keikit, kiek, mammiekeekie,
keek [kik, kig]
n. A peep, a stolen glance.
v. To peep, peer, glance or look sharply, inquisitively, or in a sly fashion. to pry, to take a hasty look.
pt. pp. keekit
Compounds and phrases etc.
keeker: An eye. A black eye. A peeping Tom.
keekin: Peeping, peering.
keekhole: A chink or peephole.
keek o day: The crack of dawn.
mammiekeekie: A spoilt indulged child, an effeminate man.
keel, keel-draacht, keeldracht, keel-dracht, keel-draucht, keel-draucht, keel-draught, keel-dright, keil,
keel [kil]
n. The keel of a ship. The small or middle of the back.
v. To overturn, upset, throw on one's back.
Compounds and phrases etc.
keel-draucht: A false keel in a boat.
keel, keelie, keelie, keelman, keely, keely, keil, kele, skeelie, skeely,
keel [kil]
n. Ruddle, red ochre used for marking sheep. Red chalk. A kind of coloured crayon or pencil.
dim. keelie also with prothetic s SEC. skeelie A kind of coloured crayon or pencil.
v. To mark with ruddle.
adj. Reddish.
Compounds and phrases etc.
keelman: A keel dealer, an itinerant linen buyer.
gille, gillie, gilly, keelie, keely, keilie, keilie,
keelie [ˈkili]
n. WC. A tough, rough male, especially from a city.
keelin, keilin, killin,
keelin [ˈkilɪn]
n. NEC. N. I. A large cod Gadus morhua.
calafine, cullivan, kallivine, keelivine, keely_vine, keelyvine, keilivine, killivine, kullivine,
keelivine [ˈkiləvəin, ˈkili-, ˈkalə-, -vɛn, -vɪn, -fəin, kʌlə-]
n. A lead pencil.

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