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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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lachter, lauchter, lochter, loghter, luchter, lughter,
lachter [ˈlaxtər, ˈlɔxtər]
n. A lock of hair, a tuft of grass. The amount of corn grasped and cut in one stroke.
lack, laik, lake,
lack [lak]
n. A lack, want, deficiency.
v. To disparage, depreciate, slight.
Compounds and phrases etc.
lackin: Lacking.
lackie, lacky, laki, lakie, lakki, lecko,
lackie [I. laki]
n. The omasum or third stomach of a ruminant animal. Jocularly used of the lap or bosom in which one carries bulky objects.
laad, lad, laddie, laddies, laddock, laddy, ladie, ladies, lads, lahd, laud, laudie, laudy, lawd, lawdie, led, leddie, lod, loddie, loddy,
lad [la(ː)d, lɔ(ː)d]
n. A youth. A young male of adolescent age or in early manhood. A man, chap, fellow.
dim. laddie, laddock
lade, laed, lead, lede, leed, leid,
lade [led]
n. A channel for water, especially one conveying water to a mill-wheel, a millrace.
laddle, ladle, ladlock, laidil, laidle, laidlock,
ladle [ˈledəl]
also ladlock [ˈledələk]
n. A tadpole.
coup-the-ladle, cowp-the-ladle, laddle, ladle, laidil, laidle,
ladle [ˈledəl]
n. A ladle. A church collection box.
Compounds and phrases etc.
cowp-the-ladle: A see-saw.
alaft, laffin, laft, lafted, laftin, laftit, laift, laiftin, loft, loftin,
laft [laft]
n. A loft. The upper storey of a two-storied building. A ceiling. A gallery in a church,
v. Striking a golf ball so as to make it rise high in the air.
pt. pp. laftit adj. Having a loft or upper storey.
adj. Lofty.
Compounds and phrases etc.
alaft [əˈ-]: adv. Aloft, high up, high, upward, up, in or to heaven
laftin: The act of flooring the joists of the ceiling of the room below. The wood used for that purpose.
laag, laager, laags, lag, lager, lagger, laiger, laug, lieger, llagin,
lag [I.Sh. lag]
n. A pull, as in drawing a boat. A humour, mood, temper, a state of excitement or high spirits. Of fish: inclination to bite. A manner of lying, the way in which a thing lies or is set.
v. To tug, pull, trail, drag a short distance at a time. To carry in small amounts at a time. To pour or spread over in layers.
Compounds and phrases etc.
lagger: A fishermen's tabu-name for the halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus.
lag, laggie, laggs, laggy, lag-lag, lags, leg-laig, leg-leg, leigllaig, ligglagg, liglag, lig-lag, londi, londilag, lundilag, lundilog, perlag, perlagger, perlaggit, perlaig, perlaigit, perlaug, perlyaag, perlyag, pirlaag,
lag [lag, MN. l(j)aːg]
n. A lag.
pl. lags MN. Odd stalks of straw on a harvest-field left uncut by scythe or reaper.
adj. Lingering, slow.
v. To lag. U. To put a wooden frame or branks round a cow's neck to prevent her thrusting her head through hedges etc.
n. MN. Trash, rubbish, a worthless object, a nasty or nauseous mixture of scraps.
v. To put off time, procrastinate.
pt. pp. perlaggit adj. Harassed or in arrears with one's work.
Compounds and phrases etc
laggie: S. The greylag goose Anser anser. A call to a goose to be fed.
lundilag: I.Sh. A noisy commotion.
perlagger: MN. A dawdler, procrastinator at work.

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