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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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en, enn, N,
N [ɛn]
N, enn
n. The fourteenth letter of the alphabet.
na, na$, naa, nae, nah, naw, nay, nen, -nen, ni, nin, -nin, ny,
na [nə, na]
adv. Also [EC. N. neː] No, the negative reply to a question, the word used to indicate denial, disagreement, refusal or contradiction.
int. An exclamation of surprise, really, indeed, good gracious!
also -na [nə, S. -nɛ, -nɪ, C. U. -ne] added to auxiliary verbs such as canna, daena, haena and winna etc.: Cannot, can't etc.
also MN. nin [-nɪn] used interrogatively in amnin, cannin, divnin, michtnin [ˈmɪðnɪn] and wisnin.
nab [nab]
n. A peg or nail on which to hang things.
nace, naceness, ness, nuce,
nace [MN. nes]
n. The destitute, the needy.
adj. Pitiable, destitute, in great and abject want.
Compounds and phrases etc.
naceness: Want, destitution.
knockit, nacket, nacketie, nackety, nackie, nackitie, nackity, nicket, nockie, skirlie-nacket, skirly-nacket, thiefs$_nacket, tiefs$_nacket, tieves$_nacket, tieves_nacket,
nacket [ˈnakət]
n. A small neat person, a precious child. A packed lunch. A small ball used in the game of shinty.
adj. Compact, neat, tidy, smart-looking. Deft, expert. Finicky, fond of neatness, conceited, self-important.
Compounds and phrases etc.
skirlie-nacket: A small child.
thiefs' nacket [tifs-]: I.Sh. The lapwing Vanellus vanellus.
nackie: MN. A young or dried haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus.
na, na$, naa, nae, nae, nai, naw, nay, ne, nee, ney, nih, noonae, nounae,
nae [neː]
adj. No, not any.
adv. In Northern dialects: Not. See no also.
Compounds and phrases etc.
nor nae: Than any.
nounae nounae: int. Now then!
the yaws and naes: The outs and ins of a story, the pros and cons.
See na also.
nael, nile, nivel, nyle, nyvle,
nael [nəil]
n. The navel.
irg, jarg, naggie, naggin, naggy, narg, nargie, nargin, nargle, narglin, nargy, nerg, nergie, nirg, nirgie, njarg, njirg, nyarg, nyargie, nyargin, nyargle, nyerg, nyerg, nyergie, nyergie, nyirg, nyirgie, yarg,
nag [nag]
also intensive narg [n(j)arg, n(j)ɪrg]
n. A nagging person. A grumbler. Continual grumbling, importuning, or fault-finding, peevish wrangling.
v. To nag. To keep grumbling and finding fault, to be peevish, to argue snappishly.
naggie nargie [ˈn(j)argɪ, ˈn(j)ɪrgɪ]
also nargle
n. A grumbler.
v. To keep grumbling and finding fault, to be peevish, to argue snappishly, to nag
Compounds and phrases etc.
naggin, nargin, narglin: Complaining.
nag, nagie, naig, naigie, neag, neg, neggi, neggie, nyack, nyag, shanks-nag, shanks-nagie, shanks-naig, shanks-naigie,
naig [neg, N. njag]
n. A nag, a horse. col. A tinker.
dim. naigie
Compounds and phrases etc.
shank's naig: Using ones own legs in order to travel.
anger-nail, caddan, cadden, caddle, cannie-nail, cannon-nail, carrion, carron-nail, cathel, dockie-nail, docknail, docknell, docky-nail, garron-nail, lin-nail, nagnail, nag-nail, nail, nail-rag, neal, nell, nile, ragnail, rag-nail, wrang-nail, wrong-nail,
nail [nel]
n. A nail.
v. To clinch an argument or bargain. To hit or strike down, kill, beat, scold
Compounds and phrases etc.
dockie-nail: Nail for fixing a handle or blade to a scythe or plough.
garron-nail: The pin which holds the body of the cart to the axle.
lin-nail: A linchpin.
ragnail: A loose piece of skin or broken finger nail. An agnail.

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