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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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Naabal, naaber, naaberly, nabal, nabald, nabalt, nabble, nabble, nabel, nabeld, naber, nabilt, nahbal, naible, naubal, Naubal, naubald, nauber, nauberly, nauborly, Nawbal, nibald,
Naubal [ˈnɑːnbəl, ˈnɔːbəl, N. I. ˈnaːbəl]
n. The personal name Nabal. A course, grasping fellow.
Compounds and phrases etc.
naaber: adj. I.Sh. Scant, stingy, giving short measure.
naaberly: adj. Close-fisted.
naar, naarer, naarhann, nar, nar_aboots, naraboots, nar-by, nardest, narer, narleens, narlins, narrest, naur, naur_aboots, nauraboot, nauraboots, naurby, naurder, naurer, naurest, naurhaund, naurlins, nerr, nerrbye, nerrest,
naur [nɑːr, nɔːr, S. ner, N. I. naːr]
prep. Near, close to, beside.
adv. Near, near by, close at hand. Nearly, almost, closely.
adj. Near, close at hand, next. Of two: nearer, closer to the speaker, more proximate. Of the left-hand side of an animal or vehicle etc.
comp. naurer, naurder
superl. naurest, naurdest, naurmaist, neist [nist] Next.
Compounds and phrases etc.
naur aboots: Nearly, almost.
naurby: Nearby.
naurhaund: ear, near by, close at hand.
naurlins: adv. Nearly, almost.
See near also.
naiv, naive, nave, neve,
nave [neːv]
n. The hub of a wheel.
nasems, nawsomes,
nawsomes [I.Sh. ˈnaːsəmz]
n. pl. Intercourse with women.
The origin is a wrong division of mine awn to my nawn from mine awn somes.
ná bac leish [naˈbɔklɪʃ]
int. Irish Never mind, it's of no account.
naerlins, naerly, nair, nairby, nairlins, nairly, nare, nareaboots, nareabouts, nareby, naurlie, near, near_aboot, near_aboots, nearaboot, nearaboots, nearbeh, nearby, nearder, neardest, neardher, neardhest, nearer, nearest, nearlins, nearly, nearther, nearthest, neerly, neir, neirer, neirlins, nerlie, nerlins, nerly, neyr, ver$_near, ver$near, vernear, verneer,
near [ˈniər, neːr]
prep. Near.
adv. Nearly.
adj. Near.
comp. nearer, U.nearder
superl. nearest, U.neardest, neist [nist] Next.
Compounds and phrases etc.
near aboots: Nearby, in the vacinity.
nearby: Nearby, nearly, near, almost, close to.
nearlins [-lɪnz]: Nearly, almost.
verra near contracted ver' near: Very nearly, almost.
See naur also.
naet, nait, nate, neat, neit, neyt,
neat [nit, net]
adj. Neat. Of people: trim, smart in figure or dress. Exact, precise.
v. To make neat. Also neaten
bridle_neb, bridleneb, bridle-neb, Jock-nip-the-neb, kneb, knebbie, knebbie, knibbie, lang_nebbit, lang_nebbitt, lang-nebbit, nairae-nebbit, nairae-nebbitness, naira-nebbit, naira-nebbitness, nairra-nebbit, nairra-nebbitness, narrae-nebbitness, narra-nebbit, narra-nebbitness, narrow-nebbed, neb, nebbag, nebbed, nebber, nebbid, nebbie, nebbie, nebbieness, nebbin, nebbiness, nebbir, nebbit, nebbitt, nebbock, nebby, nebby, nebsie, nebsy, neeblick, nib, nibber, nibbie, nibbin, nibbir, nibbit, nibby, nibi, niblick, niblock, nip_nebs, nipneb, nip-nebs, nob,
neb [nɛb]
also nib [nɪb]
n. The beak or bill of a bird. The point or nib of a pen or pencil. Any pointed tip or projection. The tip of a finger or toe, or the tongue. The nose.
dim. nebbie, nibbie, nebbock A projecting knob.
v. Of birds: to tap with the beak, to tap beaks together, to bill. Of people: to kiss, to exchange kisses. To put a point on a quill-pen or pencil.
pt. pp. nebbit adj. Beaked, nosed, pointed.
adj. Nosy, inquisitive.
Compounds and phrases etc.
bridleneb: U. The puffin Fratercula arctica.
craw nebs: SEC. The kidney vetch Anthyllis vulneraria.
Jock-nip-the-neb, nip nebs, nippit nebs: Jack Frost.
lang-nebbit: Nosy, gnome-like, elfin, acute in understanding, prying, inquisitive, critical, long polysyllabic words, ostentatiously learned, pedantic.
nairae-nebbit: Intolerant, prejudiced, bigoted, sharp nosed.
nairae-nebbitness: Prejudice, bigotry.
nebbin: A weaving fault where a filling is woven where it shouldn't be.
nebber: To nose around.
nebbie [ˈnɛbi], nibbie [nɪbi]: Sharp, difficult, ill-natured. A walking stick with a hooked head, a staff, a shepherd's crook.
nebbiness: Shortness of temper, asperity.
nebsie [ˈnɛbsi], nibsie [nɪbsi]: adj. Impudent, pert.
niblock [ˈnɪblək]: The No. 5 iron (golf).
necessar, necessars, necessitat, necessitated, necessitatit,
necessar [ˈnɛsɛsər]
adj. Necessary, needful, requisite.
necessitat [ˈnɛsɛsɪtət, ˈnɛsɛsɪtət]
v. Necessitate.
pt. pp.necessitatit adj. Necessitated, compelled by necessity.
Compounds and phrases etc.
necessars: pl. Necessaries, requisite.
unnecessar: Unnecessary.
haaneck, haneck, hard-neckit, haurd-neck, haurd-neckit, haw_neck, howe_o_the_neck, naick, naik, neck, necked, neckit, nek,
neck [nɛk]
n. The neck, the throat or gullet. The collar of a coat.
v. To break the neck of a bottle, to strike on the neck, to kill. To embrace, clasp round the neck.
adj. Necked.
Compounds and phrases etc.
haurd-neck: Impudence, effrontery.
haurd-neckit: Lacking in modesty, forward.
haw neck!: A South Ayrshirre exclamation expressing glee at somebody else's misfortune.
howe o the neck: The nape of the neck.

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