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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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saiddler, saiddlt, saidle, saidlelt, saidler, seddle,
saidle [sedl]
n. A saddle. The part of a stall in a stable or byre on which the animal stands.
v. To saddle.
pt. pp. saidlelt
Compounds and phrases etc.
creuk saidle: A saddle for supporting panniers.
saidler: A saddler.
asail, sail, sailor, saul, saule,
sail [se(ə)l, NN.b. seɪl]
n. A sail. An oil-cloth used as a cover. A ride in a cart or on horseback etc.
v. To sail, to ride or drive in a vehicle of any kind. To be covred over with liquid, be swiming, awash or in flood. I.Sh. To move slowly, creep along.
asail [əˈ-]
adj. Flooded.
v. Sailing.
Compounds and phrases etc.
sail laich: To keep quiet, to behave with restraint.
sailor [-ər]: A sailor.
saem, saim, same, seam,
saim [sem, NN.b. I. saːm]
n. Fat, grease, lard.
sain, sain, sained, sane, unsained, unsaint,
sain [ˈse(ə)n]
n. A blessing. A gesture or invocation of good-will and good-fortune. A ritual act which breaks witchcraft.
v. Of God etc.: to bless. To protect from harm or evil by a ritual sign or act. To cross oneself, to exorcise bad luck from oneself, to protect one's self from harm by prayer or incantation etc. To inaugurate with some act or ceremony. To give a send-off to, wish well symbolically.
pt. pp. saint
Compounds and phrases etc.
sain o: To absolve, forgive for. Shrive. To heal, cure, give ease to.
unsaint: Not blessed.
saip, saipie, saipy, sape, sop,
saip [sep]
n. Soap.
dim. saipie Soapsuds, a soapy lather.
v. To lather with soap.
adj. Soapy. In a soapy lather.
saer, sair, saire, saired, sairie, sairlie, sairly, sairness, sairry, sairs, sair-set, sairt, sairy, sare, sared, sary, sehr, sehrt, soarrey, soary, sorray, sorrie,
sair [seː(ə)r]
n. A sore. A wound, a bruise. Sorrow, grief.
pl. sairs Ailments, sores.
adj. Sore, grievous, oppressive. Of an ailment: causing physical pain or distress. Causing mental distress or grief. Dire, involving hardship, difficulty or danger etc. Of misfortune etc.: grievous, hard to bear, oppressive. Of a battle etc.: hard, severe, strenuous. Of the weather etc.: inclement, stormy, severe. Of things unpleasant: serious, considerable, sad, thoroughgoing. Of the head: aching, painful, throbbing. Of the heart etc.: aching, grief-stricken, sorrowful. Of people with (up)on or for: harsh in discipline, treatment or judgment, stern, severely censorious towards, niggardly, driving hard bargains.
adv. Sorely, seriously, grievously, so as to cause pain, distress or grief. In a distressed or lamentable manner. With great exertion, at the cost of much toil or trouble, hard, laboriously. Painfully, cruelly, harshly, so as to cause suffering. With vehemence or intensity, with all one's strength, feelings etc. With verbs: very much, greatly, to a very considerable degree. With adjectives and adverbs.: very, extremely.
sairt, saired
adj. Sored, troubled.
sairy [ˈseː(ə)re]
adj. Sorry. Sad, doleful, sorrowful. Serious, solemn. In a poor or sorry state. Pitiable, woeful, incompetent, paltry.
adj. Badly, sorely.
Compounds and phrases etc.
sair aff: Badly off, very hard up.
sair awa wi't: Worn out, in a bad state.
sairness: Soreness.
sair on: Hard on clothes etc.
sair set: Troubled, in difficulties.
resaerch, resairch, research, s$arch, saerch, sairch, saircher, sarch, search, searcher,
sairch [seːrtʃ, sɛrtʃ]
n. A search. A scrutiny, examination or investigation of public records.
v. To search.
Compounds and phrases etc.
resairch [riˈ-]: Research.
saircher: A person who examines public records etc. A customs-officer. arch. A church elder or other official who patrolled the parish during a service or in the late evenings to report on absentees, disorderly behaviour etc. To the Kirk Session.
sairgant, sairgent, sairgint, sergint, serjeant, serjent,
sairgent [ˈseːrdʒənt]
n. A sergeant.
sairious, sairous, sarious, sayerious, sayrious,
sairious [ˈseːrɪəs]
adj. Serious.
saeson, saison, say-on, season, seison, seisun, sissen, sizzen, sizzon,
saison [seːzn, MN. ˈsɪzən]
n. A season.
v. To season.

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