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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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uirsland, uirsland, eyrisland, uir, uire, ure, ur, eur,
uir [I. ør & er]
n. An eighth part of a Norse mark weighing an ounce.
Compounds and phrases etc.
uirsland: A unit of land valued at an ounce of silver.
unuisual, unyaseyill, unyaisual, uisually, uist, est, uist, uisst, yaist, yais, ees$t, east, yuissed, ustae, eest, usedi, useti, yisst, ust_tae, eesti, yist, uist_tae, uised_tae, yistae, uis$t_tae, usetae, yewst, east_tay, eist_tae, ais_tae, yaisti, uise, yaise, eese, yuize, yuise, yaze, yase, uize, oese, yeeze, eise, ise, yeas, yese, euse, öese, öse, yooz, oes, yeuse, yeuss, uaise, uised, yaised, eesed, yuised, yissed, us$d, yaist, ust, yuisit, uisit, uist, eist, usst, yased, usit, uiset, yesed, eezd, yais$t, yaste, yuist, uized, ösed, uis$t, uissed, uaesd, yaized, eused, yuissed, öesed, yuisst, yaizd, yoused, eest, osed, yaisit, uiseit, east, yazed, aist, yuissed, uisual, yaiswal, yaisual, eeswal, uswal, uiswal, uizwal, yuisallie, eeswall, eeswally, yuzual, usual, uizual, öswal, yaisuallie, yaisially, öeswal, yuiswal, yaiseyil, uisin, yaisin, yuisin, eusin, usin, yazin, eesin, uised_wi, ill-uise, ill-yaise, ill-eese, uises, yeusses, yaises, eeses, yuizes, yuises, yazes, yases, uizes, uises, yuises, eeses, oeses, yeezes, eises, ises, yeases, yeses, euses, öeses, öses, yoozes, oeses,
uise [jøːz, jyːz, I. øːz, C. jeːz, MN. iːz]
v. To use. With wi: to make someone familiar with. To habituate, accustom. To become inured to, accustomed to.
pt. pp. uised
For the n. See uiss.
Compounds and phrases etc.
ill-uise: v. Ill-use, to abuse.
misuise: Misuse.
uised for tae: Used to do something (with).
uised tae [ˈjøstø, ˈjɪsteː, N. ˈistiː etc.]: Used to, in the sense of something fulfilling a function.
uised wi: Used to, in the sense of being in the habit of or familiar with.
uiser: A user.
uises:v. Uses.
uisin: Using.
uisual [ˈjøːzwəl, C. ˈjeːz(j)əl, MN. ˈiːzwəl]: adj. Usual.
uisually: Usually, customarily.
unuisual: Unusual.
uisge-beatha, usqubae, usquebae, usquebaugh, usquabae, usquebagh, usquebeatha,
uisge-beatha [uʃkubaː]
n. Gael. Whisky.
uismal, osmal, osmel, ozmilt, usmal, osmil, eusmal,
uismal [I.Sh. øzməl]
adj. Dark, dusky, greyish in colour. Having a gloomy, grim appearance, sinister, evil-looking.
disuiss, disyase, ill-uiss, ill-ess, ill-eese, ill-uissage, ill-eesage, uissless, yissless, eessless, uiseless, useless, eeseless, yuissless, yislis, eesless, yaiseless, uissfu, usefu$, uisefu, uissfae, yaisfu, eesefae, yissfae, eesefu, essfu, yissfu, yuisefu, yuisfae, yisfae, yuisfu, yaisefuhl, uiss, yiss, eess, eese, yuiss, yuis, uis, eece, ös, ees, yeese, eas, yuise, yeuss, euss, ese, uissage, uisage, yissage, yisage, eesage, uisses, yisses, eesses, eeses, yuisses, uises, yaises, uiases, yeusses,
uiss [S. I. jøs, C. jɪs, N. is, jus]
n. Use. Followed by for or tae: need, occasion, reason. Custom, habit, practice.
pl. uisses
For the v. see uise.
Compounds and phrases etc.
disuiss. Disuse.
ill-uiss: Ill use, abuse.
ill-uissage: Ill treatment.
uissage: Usage. MN. Behaviour.
uissfu [-fə S. -fɛ, -fɪ, EC. -fe, WC. -fɑ, N. -fɛ, U. I. -fu]: Useful.
uissless: Useless.
uiss, uis, oyce, oyse, ös, yeuss, euss,
uiss [I.Ork. øs]
n. An inlet of the sea which is almost cut off by a bank of shingle.
uitna, ötna, eutna,
uitna [I.Sh. ˈøtnə]
n. Smithereens.
Ullapool, Ullpuil,
Ullapool [ˈʌləpul]
pn. Ullapool (Ross and Cromarty).
Ulster, Ulstur,
Ulster [ˈʌlstər]
pn. Ulster.
hielandman$s_umberellae, Hielanman$s_Umbrella, Hielandman$s_Umbrella, umberellae, umberellie, umberella, umbrell, rumbrella, umbrelle, umberelly, umbrellae, umbarolly,
umberellae [ʌmˈb(ə)rɛlə, -ɪ, -e]
n. An umbrella.
Compounds and phrases etc.
The Hielandman's Umberellae. Glasgow Central station bridge over Argyll street.

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