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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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feesht, feisht, weesht, weished, weisht, wesht, wheesht, wheesit, wheest, whesh, whesst, whest, whish, whisht, whisht, whist, whoosh, whush, whusht, wiesht, wisht,
wheesht [ʍiʃt, ʍist, ʍiʃ]
also whisht [ʍɪʃt, ʍɪst]
int. A call for silence, hush!, be quiet!, keep silent!, shut up!
adj. Quiet, silent, hushed.
v. To silence, to cause to be quiet, to hush, quieten. To be quiet, to remain silent.
n. dim. The slighest sound, the least whisper, the faintest rumour or report.
Compounds and phrases etc.
haud yer wheesht: int. Be quiet, silence.
wheesk, wheisk, whesk,
wheesk [S. I.Ork. ʍisk]
n. A light creaking sound. The noise made by a mouse etc.
v. To creak softly.
feety, fweety, skirlie-wheeter, weedie, weet, weetie, weetle, weetlin, weety, wheat, wheedie, wheedle, wheedlin, wheet, wheeter, wheetie, wheetle, wheetlin, wheety, whet,
wheet [ʍit]
int. A call to ducks. An imitation of a bird's song.
dim. wheetie A young bird. S. WC. SEC. The whitethroat Sylvia communis or willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus.
wheetle [ˈʍitl]
n. An imitation of a bird's song.
v. To call to ducks, to imitate a bird's song.
Compounds and phrases etc.
skirlie-wheeter: MN. The oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus.
wheetlin: Cheeping like a bird.
feet, feety, fit, fittiefie, fittiefie, fittie-fies, fweety, weedie, weety, whaw, whaws, wheet, wheeter, wheetie, wheetie-like, wheetie-whattie, wheetie-whaw, wheety, wheety-what, wheety-whattie, whitie-whatie, whitter, whittie-whattie, whitty_whaw, whitty-whatty, whity-whaty,
wheet [ʍit, N. fit, fɪt]
n. A whit. A bit, the least portion of anything.
Compounds and phrases etc.
wheeter: n. A small insignificant object.
wheetie: MN. Mean, ungenerous, stingy, scurvy, shabby, underhand, shifty, evasive.
wheetie-like: MN. Having the appearance of meanness.
wheetie-whattie: Vague, something of little importance, an extremely small amount. Shuffling, or cajoling language. To form frivolous pretences or excuses. Indecisive, shilly-shallying, vague, nebulous in one's talk.
wheetie-whaw: A whim, fancy, fussy action. A quirk, quibble. A trivial or faddy criticism.
faizle, hwasel, weesle, whaasel, whaasle, whaese, whasle, whazle, whazzle, whazzlin, wheezelin, wheezle, wheezles, wheezlin, wheizle, wheizlin, whesel,
wheeze [ʍiːz, ʍeːzl, ʍɑːzl ʍɔːz]
v. To breathe with a whistling or rattling sound in the chest.
n. A wheeze, hard rough breathing.
wheezle [ʍiːzl, ʍeːzl, ʍɑːzl, ʍɔːzl]
n. A wheeze, hard rough breathing.
v. To wheeze, to breathe hard with a dry rasping sound, as in asthma or catarrh. To pant.
Compounds and phrases etc.
the wheezles: Asthma, bronchitis.
wheezlin [ʍiːzlɪn, ʍeːzlɪn, ʍɑːzlɪn, ʍɔːzlɪn]: Wheezing. Hoarseness.
wherrie, wherry, whurry,
wherry [ʍʌre]
n. A wherry. A light boat.
whess, whessan, whessin,
whess [ʍɛs]
v. I.Ork. To pant or gasp from shortness of breath.
Compounds and phrases etc.
whessin: Wheezing.
fether, fidder, fither, fother, fudder, futher, whaithe, wherra, whether, whidder, whither, whuther,
whether [ˈʍɛðɪr, ˈʍɪðɪr, ˈʍʌðɪr, MN. ˈfɛðɪr, ˈfɪðɪr, ˈfʌðɪr, I.Sh. ˈʍɪdɪr]
also arch. MN. whedder [ˈfɪdɪr]
conj. Whether.
beardie, fey, fy, hwig, wattie-whey-beard, weety-wat, whatty-whee, whatty-whee-bird, whaty-whey-beard, wheaty-why-bird, wheetie-whitebeard, wheetitee-what, wheety-why, wheety-why-bird, whey, wheybeard, wheybird, whig, whigged, whitebeard, whitebird, whitie-wha-bird, whye, wigg, wiggit,
whey [ʍəi, ʍae, N. fae]
n. Whey, buttermilk. The fluid part of sour milk.
also whig [ʍɪg, wɪg]
n. Applied to various products resulting from the souring of milk.
Compounds and phrases etc.
(wheetie) wheybeard, beardie: The whitethroat Sylvia communis.
whiggit: Curdled milk.
fudder, futher, hwid, whid, whidder, whiddin, whiddin$, whither, whud, whudder, whuther,
whid [ʍɪd]
n. A lie, exaggeration, fib.
v. To lie, to tell fibs.
n. A rapid, noiseless movement, a quick darting motion, a gambol, spurt. A sound blow. A whim, fad, fantastic notion, freak, a trait. A peculiarity of temper, a pique, sudden unreasonable grudge against a person.
adv. Nimbly, quickly, speedily.
v. To move quickly and noiselessly. Of or like the wind: to sweep in gusts.
adj. Of wind: changing direction. Of people or animals: temperamental.
Compounds and phrases etc.
whidder [ˈʍɪdər, ˈʍʌdər], whither [ˈʍɪðər, ˈʍʌðər]: A whizzing or rushing noise. A sudden gust of wind, a whirlwind. A quick darting movement, a scurry, implying sound as well as movement. A blow, smart stroke, a drubbing. To hum or whizz through the air. Of the wind: to bluster, blow fiercely in gusts. To run nimbly. Of a bird, to dart, flutter. To beat, belabour.
whiddin [-ɪn]: Fibbing. Running as a hare.

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