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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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fiff, fuff, whiff, whuff,
whiff [ʍɪf, ʍʌf, N. f-]
n. The megrim Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis.
fiffle, wheefle, wheeflication, whiffle, whifflication, whuffle,
whiffle [ˈʍɪfl, ˈʍifl]
v. To play the flute. To keep changing ones mind, give an evasive answer.
Compounds and phrases etc.
whifflication: I.Sh. An excuse.
figmaleerie, figmaleeries, fleegmageerie, wheekmaleerie, wheekmaleeries, wheekmaleery, whigmalarie, whigmaleerie, whigmaleeries, whigmaleirie, whigmaleirie, whigmaleiries, whigmaleiry, whigmaleiry, whigmalerie, whigmalierie,
whigmaleerie [ʍɪgməˈliːri]
n. A decorative or fanciful object, a piece of ornamentation, in dress or stonework etc. A nicknack, gew-gaw, bauble, a fantastic contrivance or contraption. A whim, fanciful notion, a crotchet, fad, vagary.
pl. whigmaleeries
a_while, afile, aftfiles, aft-files, aftwhiles, afyle, atween_whiles, atweenwhiles, awhile, file, files, filey, filie, fill, fyle, fyles, fylie, fylst, handel-a-while, handlawhile, hanlawhile, ither_whiles, itherwhiles, otherwhiles, quhile, quhiles, quyhle, quyhles, tweenwhiles, while, whiles, whilie, whill, whilock, whily, whiylee, whiyul, whyle, whyles, whylie, whylock, wile,
while [ʍəil, N. fəil]
n. A while, a certain length of time.
pl. whiles
dim. whilie, whilock A short time.
conj. Until, up to the time that.
whiles [ʍəilz, N. fəilz]
adv. Sometimes, at times, occasionally.
conj. While, whilst.
Compounds and phrases etc.
aftwhiles: Often.
awhile [əˈ-] adj. Awhile, for a short time.
atween whiles: The interval between two points of time.
aye and while: Until such time as.
by whiles: Temporarily, for the time being, by turns.
hanlawhile [ˈhanlə-]: A short space of time, a little while.
ither whiles: At other times.
fich, filk, fill, fitch, ful, fulk, full, qlk, quhilk, whilk, whuch, whulk, whutch,
whilk [ʍɪlk, ʍʌlk, N. fɪl(k), fʌl(k)]
pron. arch. Relative and interrogative: which.
adj. arch. Relative and interrogative: which.
Generally replaced by that or whit.
kwilli, quill, whill, whilli, whillie, whilly, whull, whullie, whullo, whullo,
whillie [I. ˈʍɪli, ˈʍʌli, kwɪli]
n. A small boat with the bow and stern shaped the same. A skiff.
whillie, whilliegoleerie, whilliewha, whilliewhae, whilliwha, whilliwhae, whilly, whillywha, whillywhae, whulliegoleerie, whullywha, whullywhae, willie-wa, willie-wae, willigoleerie,
whilliwha [ˈʍɪliˈʍɑː, -ˈʍɔː, S. -ˈʍeː, ˈʍʌ-]
n. A flatterer, an insincere sycophantic person. One who deceives by wheedling or fawning. An unreliable shuffling fellow. One who shilly-shallies. A time-server. Flattery, cajolery, wheedling talk. Blandishments. An evasive excuse, hesitation, indecisiveness, dithering.
adj. Used attributively: flattering, glib, deceitful, undependable.
v. To wheedle, coax, cajole a person for something or a thing from a person.
whillie [ˈʍɪli, ˈʍʌli]
v. To cheat, to cajole.
Compounds and phrases etc.
whilliegoleerie: A hypocritical sycophant, a flatterer.
fileom, whileom, whilom, whilome, whilum,
whilom [ˈʍəiləm, N. ˈfəiləm]
adv. Sometimes, at times, formerly, at an earlier time, previously, aforetime.
adj. Former, one-time.
conj. While, at the period of time when.
See while also.
whilt, whilter, whul, whulter,
whilt [SW. ʍɪlt, ʍʌlt]
n. A blow received from a fall. Something larger than expected.
v. To beat, thump.
Compounds and phrases etc.
whilter [ˈʍɪltər, ˈʍʌltər]: A whopper, something large.
fumper, whimper, whumper,
whimper [ˈʍɪmpər, ˈʍʌmp-]
n. A rumour, a whisper. A private or secret intimation.

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