Scots Online Dictionary — Abbreviations

Scots Online Dictionary — Abbreviations
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The regional abbreviations show that a word or pronunciation usually occurs in that area, but not necessarily exclusively so.

C. Central
   — EC. East Central
   — NEC. North East Central
   — SEC. South East Central
   — WC. West Central
   — SW. South West Central
S. Southern
N. Northern
   — NN. North Northern
         a. The Black Isle
         b. Caithness
   — MN. Mid Northern
   — SN. South Northern
         DD. Dundee
U. Ulster
I. Insular
    Ork. Orkney
    Sh. Shetland
Gael. Gaelic
adj. Adjective
adv. Adverb
arch. Archaeic
col. Colloquial
comp. Comparative
conj. Conjunction
dim. Diminutive
emph. Emphatic Form
int. Interjection
leg. Legal Terminology
n. Noun
neg. Negative
pl. Plural
pn. Place Name
pp. Past Participle
pref. Prefix
prep. Preposition
pron. Pronoun
suff. Suffix
superl. Superlative
v. Verb