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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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gointak, gointek, gointik, gongtack, gongtag, gongtak, tachle, tack, tacked, tacket, tackit, tackle, tak, takit, teck, teckit, thacle,
tack [tak]
n. A stitch in needlework. A slight fastening or tie by which a thing is loosely held. A shred of clothing, the least covering of clothes. Hold, grip, endurance.
v. To stitch temporarily, to join by a thread etc.
pt. pp. tackit
Compounds and phrases etc.
gongtack [I.Sh. ˈgoŋtək]: One of the two straps or ropes by which the girth is fastened to a pack-saddle.
hing by a tack: To hang by a thread.
tackle SW.: A clot of wool or manure on an animal.
tack, tack-duty, tacksman, tacksmen, tak, teck,
tack [tak]
n. A lease, a leaseholding or tenancy, the period of a lease, the contract or document of a lease. A spell of weather, a stretch of time. A farm or piece of land held on lease. An agreement, compact, bargain. A post, situation, a steady job.
Compounds and phrases etc.
tack-duty [-djuti]: Duty payable on land held in leasehold.
tack o life: A lease of life.
tacksman: A tenant or lessee. A chief tenant. pl. tacksmen.
tacket, tacketed, tacketie, tacketit, tackettie, tacketties, tacketty, tackety, tackit, tackitie, tackitie, tackitit, tackits, tackitty, tackity, taket, takets, takket, takkets, takkit, takkits, ttackets,
tacket [ˈtakət]
n. A small nail, a hobnail in a boot.
pl. tackets
adj. tacketit: Hobnailed.
tacketie [ˈtakəte]
adj. Hobnailed.
tadger [ˈtadʒər]
n. sl. The penis.
atae, atee, atil, atill, ato, entae, entay, fa$-tae, faa-tae, fa-tae, faw-tae, faw-ti, fortae, furtae, i$tae, i$til, indi, inta, intae, intay, inti, intil, intil$t, intill, intill$t, intilt, intul, intull, inty, ita, ita, itae, itil, ito, oantae, oanti, onta, ontae, onti, ontil, ontill, onty, oontill, t$, ta, tae, taeward, taewards, taewart, taewarts, taward, tawards, tay, te, te$, tee, teu, ti, tih, til, til$t, tilit, till, till$t, tillt, tiwaard, tiwaards, tiwards, tö, to$ve, toe, towart, towrt, tui, tul, tull, tull$t, ty, up_tae, up_ti, uptae, upti, upty,
tae [prep. tɪ, tə, adv. SN. I. tøː, ty, S. C. U. teː, MN. tiː]
also til [tɪl, tʌl]
prep. To. Towards, in the direction of.
adv. To. Of motion: implying direction towards, closeness. Of a door etc.: so as to shut or close, closed. Close, on, together, in contact. Only tae: also, as well, likewise, too (see and aw also).
conj. tae is generally used in the sense of 'until', til is generally used in the sense of 'before', 'when' or 'in order that'.
In the infinitive for tae, for til: in order to.
Compounds and phrases etc.
atae: prep. adv. To, right over to the place indicated, close. (from at + tae)
intae contracted in colloquial speech i'tae [ˈɪte, ˈɪtə, -tɪ], intil contracted in colloquial speech i'til: into, in, within, of motion: into, of rest: in, within, inside, forming a part or ingredient of, to enter
intil it contracted intil't: into it
keep her tae: Alter the course to windward.
ontae, ontil: on, onto
taewart [-wərt]: Toward(s).
til't: To it.
up tae: Up to.
clebby-taed, cleb-taed, club-taed, de, di, in-taed, in-toed, ta, ta$ed, tae, taed, taes, taptaes, taw, tay, three-taed, tippertaes, tipper-taiper,
tae [teː]
n. A toe. A prong or tine of a fork, rake or salmon spear etc. One of the thongs at the end of a tawse.
pl. taes
v. To touch with the toe etc.
pt. pp. taed adj. Toed
Compounds and phrases etc.
club-taed: Club-footed.
in-taed: Pigeon-toed
taptaes: Tiptoes.
three-taed: Three pronged.
tippertaes: On tiptoes.
taffee, taffie, taffy, tuffy,
taffie [ˈtafe]
n. Toffee, a sweetie.
taffle, taiffle, taifle, teffle, tuffle,
taffle [tafl, tefl]
v. To handle roughly, ruffle, rumple, dissarange. To puzzle, bamboozle, outwit. To tire, wear out.
taft, toft,
taft [taft]
also I.Sh. toft.
n. A toft, a homestead and its land.
dag, dagging, tag, tagg, taggin, taglock, tagset, tag-set, tagsie, tagsy, tague, taig,
tag [tag]
n. A strip of material loosely attached to something else. A tab, a flap, a string, a leather strap. The tip of an animal's tail.
v. To tie, to bind.
adj. I.Ork. Untidy.
Compounds and phrases etc.
in the tag: Hard at work.
taggin, taglock: SW. Matted tufts of wool at a sheep's tail.
tagset: I. Dishevelled, tattered.

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