The Scots Reader — Introduction

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The Scots Reader — Introduction

Weel fowks! Nou that ye'v aw been gien a chance tae lear yersels Scots, A tak it ye'll nou be wantin something tae read.

Aw the maiter gien here haes haen its orthography redd tae the tane uised on this wabsite. Thare will o coorse be an airtin til the [oreeginal] version.

Gin ye're fankelt by some o the wirds uise The Online Scots Dictionary.

Whan uisin internal airtins, the back button on your stravaiger's menu-baur can be uised for tae gang back tae the foregane page.

Thare's a by-ordinar walin o Scots leeteratur at ScotsteXt and aw.