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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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J, jaa, jai, jaw, jey, jie, judi, jye,
J [dʒəɪ]
J, jye
n. The tenth letter of the alphabet.
chabble, geeble, jab, jabbelt, jabbie, jabbie, jabbin, jabbl, jabble, jabblin, jabblin, jabblt, jabby, jabby, jaibelt, jaible, jape, japple, jeebble, jeebelt, jeeble, jeeble, jeeblt, jib, jibbelt, jibble, jibblin, jirble, jirblin, jirglin, joab, job, jobbie, jobbie, jobbin, jobby, jobe, jobie, joby, jowb, jyb,
jab [dʒab]
also job [dʒob, MN. dʒʌub]
n. A prick, the act of pricking, a prickle. A sharp blow, a cutting remark.
v. To prick sharply. To stab, pierce lightly.
jabby, jobby
adj. Prickly.
jabble [dʒabl, dʒebl, dʒɛbl]
also jibble [ˈdʒɪbəl, ˈdʒʌbəl]
n. A shaking of a liquid, a confusion of a liquid and its sediment. A weak watery mixture of tea or soup etc. A ripple on the surface of water, a choppy sea. Confusion, agitation. Also EC. intensive jirble [dʒɪrbl, dʒɛrbl] A small quantity of liquid poured out or spilled. A drop, a drip from a tap.
v. To agitate a liquid (carelessly) so as to cause spilling, to pour out unsteadily in small quantities, to splash. Of the seaː to become choppy. To confuse, jumble.
pt. pp. jabbelt adj. Confused, agitatiated. A ridiculously small quantity of liquid.
Compounds and phrases etc.
jabbie, jobbie: NEC. Prickly plants like ceavers or brambles.
jabbin, jobbin: Pricking, stabbing, piercing.
jabblin, jibblin: Splashing etc.
jachelt, jachle, jachled, jaggelt, jagger, jauchelt, jauchle, jauchled,
jachle [dʒaxl]
n. A jolt, jerk, joggle. A shift, a struggle against difficulty.
v. To walk as if one had feeble joints, to shuffle. To shake, jolt, joggle.
pt. pp. jachelt adj. Tossed, buffeted, blown about or over by the wind.
See dackle also.
jackie, jaickie,
Jackie [ˈdʒakɪ]
dim. of Jaqueline or Joan.
jack, jacks,
jacks [dʒaks]
n. pl. col. A privy.
chaggie, jag, jagged, jagger, jagget, jaggie, jaggit, jaggy, jaig, jaiger, jaug, jauger, jauggie, jeg, jegger, jiggy, jog,
jag [dʒag]
n. A sharp, violent shake. A rut in a road causing a jolt.
v. To shake violently by sharp jerks, jolt. To bend or blow over, as the result of the force of the wind. To move with a sharp jerking motion. To bump.
pt. pp. jaggit
jaggie [dʒage]
adj. Jerky.
Compounds and phrases etc.
jagger [ˈdʒagər]: A sharp, violent shake.
chaggie, jag, jagged, jagger, jagget, jaggit, jagglie, jaggly, jaggy, jaiger, jauger, jeg jaggie, jegger, jugg, juggly, The_Jags,
jag [ˈdʒag]
n. A prickle, a thorn, something which causes a sting. A prick with a sharp instrument or thorn, a sharp blow, a prod.
v. To prick or pierce with a sharp instrument.
pt. pp. jaggit
adj. Prickly, sharp-pointed, piercing.
jaggly [dʒagle]
adj. Prickly, thorny.
Compounds and phrases etc.
jagger [ˈdʒagər]: A thorn, a goad.
The Jags: Partick Thistle football club.
jackut, jaicket, jaickit, jaikad, jaiket, jaikit, jaisket, jecket, jeckit, jeekit, straicht-jaicket, straicht-jaiket, straight-jaicket, straitjaiket, strait-jaiket,
jaiket [ˈdʒekət, ˈdʒɛkət]
n. A jacket.
Compounds and phrases etc.
strait-jaiket: A strait-jacket.
widden jaiket: col. A coffin.
jaiked, jaikey, jaikey$d, jaikie$d, jakeey, jakey, jakeyd, jakie, jakied,
jakie [ˈdʒeki]
n. sl. A down-and-out, a tramp, frequently drunk.
jakied [ˈdʒekid]
adj. sl. Intoxicated, drunk.
chalouse, genuse, genuse, jaloose, jaloosed, jaloost, jalooze, jaloozed, jalous, jalouse, jaloused, jalousin, jalousit, jalouze, jalouzed, jaroose, jerouse,
jalouse [dʒəˈluːz]
v. To suspect, be suspicious of, to have doubts or suspicions about, To guess, surmise.
pt. pp. jaloused
Compounds and phrases etc.
jalousin: Suspecting, supposing.

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