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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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A, aa, abbacee, ABC, abersay, ah, Ah$, ah-bae-see, ah-bay-say, alfibit, Aw, aw-bay-sae, aw-bay-say, aw-be-sae, ebbasay,
a [ɑː, ɔː, N. I. aː]
A, aw
n. The first letter of the alphabet.
Compounds and phrases etc.
aw-bay-say [ɑːbeːseː, -beːsiː, ɔː-, N. I. aː-], ABC: The alphabet.
a, aa, ae, ah, an, eh, u,
a [ə]
The indefinite article a may occurs before both vowels and consonants. Also an before vowels after Standard English usage.
A, A, Ä, A$d, Ä$d, A$hd, A$hm, A$l, A$ll, Ä$ll, A$m, Ä$m, A$se, A$v, a$ve, A_s$, Aa, aa$ve, Aad, aahd, aahm, Aal, aam, Ae, Ah, Ah$, Ah$_ll, Ah$d, ah$l, ah$ll, Ah$m, Ah$se, Ah$ve, Ahl, Ahll, Ahm, ahme, ahv, Ahve, Aid, Al, all, Am, Aul, Aw, aw$d, aw$ll, aw$m, Aw$se, e, Eh, Eh$d, Eh$ll, Eh$m, Eh$ve, ehm, Ehv, Ei, I, I$d, I$ll, I$m, I$se, Id, Ise, Ive, ul, ull, ull, um, uv,
A [aː, ə, DD. ɛ]
I, the 1st. person pronoun. The Standard English form I [ɑɪ, DD. ɛ] may be used for a very dignified or emphatic expression.
Compounds and phrases etc.
A am, contracted A'm [aːm]: I am, I'm.
A haed: contracted A'd [aː hed, -həd, əd]
A hiv contracted A'v [aː hɪv, -hʌv, aːv]: I have, I've.
A sall contracted A s' [aː sal, aːz]: I shall.
A wad contracted A'd [aː wad, -wɪd, -wʌd, aːd, əd]: I would, I'd.
A will contracted A'll [aː wɪl, -wʌl, aːl, əl]: I will, I'll, often meaning I shall.
A'm arena [WC. aːm ʌrnɪ]: col. I'm not.
a, a-,
a- [ə-]
pref. Used before nouns and verbs to form adverbs. For example: aback, agley, athort.
aaber, aaber_up, aber, aber_up, auber, auber_up, awber, awber_up,
aaber [I.Sh. a(ː)bər]
adj. Of a blade etc.: sharp, keen. With sharp outlines, clear and distinct. Sharp-sighted, keenly observant, watchful. Eager, greedy.
v. To sharpen, as a knife. To stir up a fire and make it bright.
Compounds and phrases etc.
aaber up: To sharpen, stir up a fire to brighten it.
aali, aalie, al, ali, alie, aulie, awlie,
aalie [I.Sh. aːli]
n. A pet, a favourite.
v. To cherish, to nurse, feed, support, to pettle
A$an, Aan, Awn,
Aan [aːn]
pn. The river Avon in Moray.
aarm, arm, aurm, awrm,
aarm [I.Sh. aːrm]
n. The tail-end (on a fishing hand-line).
abandon, abandon$t, abandoned, abandonit, abandonment, abandont,
abandon [əˈban(d)ən]
v. To give up, to desert.
pt. pp. abandont
Compounds and phrases etc.
abandonment: Abandonment.
$bash, abais, abaise, abaised, abaisin, abase, abased, abash, abash$t, abashed, abashit, abasht, bash,
abash [əˈbaʃ]
v. To make someone feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed.
pt. pp. abasht
contracted bash
n. SW. A term of contempt, a worthless person.
v. To be abashed or confused.
abaise [əˈbez]
v. arch. To deprive of confidence or courage, to make downcast or astounded, to dismay.
pt. pp. abaised.
Compounds and phrases etc.
Teenie bash: A disparaging term for a woman one dislikes.

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