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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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B, bae, bai, bay, be,
B [beː]
B, bay
n. The second letter of the alphabet.
Compounds and phrases etc.
aw-bay-say [ɑːbeːseː, -beːsiː, ɔː-, N. I. aː-], ABC: The alphabet.
ba, baa, baa$ed, baa_baas, baa-baa, baas, baba, ba-ba, bae, baes, bau, baus, baw, baw_baws, bawbaw, baw-baw, bawbaws, baws, bedabaw, bedabaws, beddie_byes, beddie-ba, beddie-baa, beddie-byes, beddy_ba, beddy_baws, beddy_byebys, beddy-baws, beddybye, beddy-bye, beddy-bye$s, beddybyes, beddy-byes, beu, bobo, buisty-baa, bushtie-ba, byes, cradely-ba, cradely-baa, cradlie-ba, cradlie-ba$, cradlie-baa, creddlie-ba, creddlie-baa, heshie-ba, heshie-baw, hishi-ba, hishie-ba, hishie-baa, hishy-ba, husha-ba, hush-a-baa, hushie-ba, hushie-baa, hushie-baw, hushy-ba, huzhy-ba, huzzh-ba,
baa [ba(ː)]
also byes [baɪz]
v. To lull, to hush a child to sleep.
pt. pp. baa'ed
Compounds and phrases etc.
baas: A children's word for sheep etc.
baa baas: Bed-time.
beddie-baa, beddie-byes, baa-baa, buisty-baa: col. A (child's) bed.
cradlie-baa: To lie still, to cuddle down. A lullaby,
hishie-baa: To lull a child to sleep. A lullaby.
sleepy-baas: The rye brome Bromus secalinus.
ba, ba$, baa, baw,
baa [I.Sh. baː]
n. I.Sh. A sunken or partially submerged rock.
baagie, baakie, baaky, backie, backy, backy, baggie, bagi, baki, baukey, baukie, bawkie, bawky,
baakie [I. ˈbaːki, ˈbaːgi]
n. I. The greater black-backed gull Larus marinus, or the razor-bill Alca torda.
baal, baalin, bal, balin, ball, ballin, balling, baul, baulin, bel, belin, bell, bellin,
baal [I.Sh. baːl, I.Ork. bɛl]
v. To strike something noisily, to work energetically at, pelt. To throw, to fling.
Compounds and phrases etc.
baalin: Describing seeabirds diving into the sea.
bab, babbed, babber, babbin, babbin_John, babbit, babs, bap, baub, boab, boaber, bob, bobban, bobber, bobbet, bobbin, bobbin$, bobbin_John, bobbinjoan, bobbinjohn, bobbit, lug-babs, wooer-bab,
bab [bab]
also bob [bɔb]
n. A type of fishing fly, a plumet of a plumb line.
v. To move up and down, to rock. To dance. To shut one's eyes.
pt. pp. babbit, bobbit
Compounds and phrases etc.
babber, bobber: A dance.
babbin, bobbin: Moving up and down, rocking, dancing.
babbin John, bobbin John: A kind of hand-sower.
lug-babs: Earrings, a knot of ribbons over the ears.
on the bab: Equally balanced.
wooer-bab: A garter at the knee with two loops, worn by a suitor as a proposal of marriage.
ba, ba$, baabay, baaby, babbie, babbie-cloots, babbieraggs, babbie-rags, babbity, babby, babby-cloots, babby-clouts, babbyraggs, babi, babie-clouts, baby-cloots, baby-clouts, baubie, bauby,
babbie [ˈbabɪ]
contracted ba'
n. A baby, a child.
Compounds and phrases etc.
babbie-cloots: A child's first clothes.
babbie rags: Small bits, tiny pieces.
bacherins, bachie, bachlies, bachram, bachrim, bachrun, backrin,
bach [bax]
n. A piece of cow-dung lying on the ground.
dim. bachie, bachlies
Compounds and phrases etc.
bachram [ˈbaxrəm, ˈbaxrən]: Cattle dung in pats, formely used as peats.
avald-bacheleer, avald-batchelor, bacheleer, bacheleir, bachelere, bachelor, bachie, batchie, yavil-bachelor,
bacheleer [ˈbatʃəˈliːr]
n. Bachelor. A third year student at Aberdeen or Glasgow university.
col. dim. bachie
Compounds and phrases etc.
avald-bacheleer: MN. [ˈjavəl-] A widower.
Bachus, Bachus,
Bachus [ˈbaxəs]
n. Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. I.Sh. Revelry involving alcohol.

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