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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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K, kae, kay, key, kye,
K [kəɪ, keː]
K, kye, kay
n. The eleventh letter of the alphabet.
caddel, kaddel, kadel,
kaddel [I.Sh. kadəl]
n. A sheep-mark, consisting of a coloured thread through the ear or a string round the neck.
v. To put such a mark on a sheep.
ca, cas, cay, cays, cyaa, cyaas, ka, kaa, kaas, kae, kaes, kas, kay, kays, keaw, keaws, kyaas, kyaw, kyaws,
kae [keː, kjaː]
n. The jackdaw Corvus monedula. The bird's call.
pl. kaes
boll-kail, bowe-kail, bowe-kale, bow-kail, bow-kale, cail, kail, kail_kennie, kail_kenny, kail-blad, kailblade, kail-blade, kail-blade, kail-brew, kail-broo, kail-brose, kail-broth, kail-gullie, kail-gully, kailie, kailkenny, kail-pat, kailrunt, kail-runt, kail-stock, kaily, kale, kale-blad, kale-blade, kale-brew, kale-broo, kale-brose, kale-broth, kale-gullie, kale-gully, kale-runt, kale-stock, kaley, keel, keel-runt, kell, lang-kail, muslin-kail,
kail [kel, NN.b. keɪl]
n. Borecole, especially the curly variety. Cabbage. A dish made of that. Broth or soup made with vegetables. A main meal, dinner.
dim. kailie
Compounds and phrases etc.
bowe-kail: Cabbage.
cair the kail: To extract the thickest part of broth or hotch-potch etc. with the spoon.
cauld kail het again: Old news.
dug's kail: WC. The English stonecrop Sedum anglicum.
haud the kail het: To keep things going, to sustain interest.
kail-blade: A cabbage-leaf. The leaf of the colewort Brassica oleracea.
kail-brew: The water in which cabbage has been boiled.
kail brose: Brose made with the liquid from boiled cabbage.
kail broth: Broth made with vegetables.
kail-gullie: A cabbage-knife.
kail kennin, kail kennie: Mashed cabbage and potatoes.
kail-pat: A pot in which broth is made.
kail-runt: The stem of the colewort Brassica oleracea. A small thin person.
kail-stock: The heart of a cabbage.
lang kail [laŋ-]: A variety of borecole purplish in colour.
muslin-kail: Beefless broth.
raisin kail: A traditional wedding broth with raisins added.
slake kail: NN.b. Various seaweeds such as laver Porphyra umbilicalis or sea lettuce Ulva lactuca.
wirth saut til his kail: Worth his salt.
bainkaim, bane_kaim, banekaim, bane-kaim, caim, caimb, cam$d, camb, came, cames, comb, comber, kaem, kaim, kaim$t, kaimed, kaimer, kaims, kaimster, kaimt, kamb, kame, kames, kamester, kem, reid-kaimed,
kaim [kem, kɛm]
n. A comb. The crest of a hill or ridge.
v. To comb. To rake loose hay or straw from a stack, to trim a hay- or corn-stack with a rake. To scold, drub, give a dressing down. To rear like a horse, to be eager for something.
pt. pp. kaimt, kaimed
Compounds and phrases etc.
bane kaim: A bone comb.
cock's kaim: WC. The ragged-robin Lychnis flos-cuculi, S. early-purple orchid Orchis mascula or adder's-tongue Ophioglossum vulgatum.
kaimer: U. The merganser Mergus serrator.
kaimster: A wool comber.
reid-kaimed: Red-combed.
kait, Kaitie, Kaitrin, kaitrins, kate, Katerin, Katie, Katren, Katrin, Katrine, Kattie, Keetie, Kitti, Kittie, Kitto, Kitty, white_kaitrins,
Kaitrin [ˈketrɪn]
n. The personal name Catherine.
dim. Kait, Kaitie, Kittie A pet name for a hen. A giddy, skittish young woman. MN. A woman of doubtful character. EC. SN. MN. The jack or white target ball in bouls.
Compounds and phrases etc.
daunderin kait: SW. The reflexed stonecrop Sedum reflexum.
white kaitrins: I.Sh. The grass of parnassus Parnassia palustris.
kand, kandit, kann, kyaandit, kyand,
kand [I.Sh. k(j)an(d)]
n. Inspection and counting of cattle.
v. To see and recognise or identify at a distance, to clear up a matter in doubt, to throw light on relationship, to trace pedigree. To inspect, count up, usually cattle to see that none are missing.
pt. pp. kandit
cain, cane, kain, kane, kean,
kane [ken]
n. A payment in kind, a rent, a penalty. A quantity of cheese.
cannie, canny, kani, kanni, kannie,
kannie [I.Sh. ˈkanɪ]
n. The stern compartment in a Shetland rowing-boat which contains the steersman's seat.
caapie, cappie, kappi, kappie,
kappie [N. I. kapɪ]
n. A heavy stone, used as a sinker to a fishing-line.

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