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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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ay, ee, eh, ey, I,
I [əɪ, iː]
I, ey, ee
n. The ninth letter of the alphabet.
eece, ees, ice, ice-lowsin, ices, iceshogel, iceshoggle, ice-shoggle, iceshogle, icey, iceys, icie, icies, schuchle, sheckle, shochle, shockle, shoggle, shogle, shuchle, shuttle,
ice [əis]
n. Ice, ice cream.
dim. icie
pl. ices
v. To play curling.
Compounds and phrases etc.
ice-lowsin I.Ork.: A thaw.
iceshoggle [əisˈʃɔgl], shoggle [S. ʃogl, ʃokl]: An icicle.
adaya, ehdea, ehdeea, idaelist, idaia, idaia, idaya, idea, idealist, idee, ideilist,
idea [əiˈdeːə, aɪˈ-]
n. An idea.
Compounds and phrases etc.
idealist [əiˈdelɪst]: An idealist.
doddle, eddle-doddle, eedle, eedle-deedle, eedle-doddle, eedle-oddle, idelty, idilteth, idilteth, idle, idlesaet, idleseat, idleseit, idleset, idle-set, idle-sit, idletie, idletith, idlety, islesit, oddle,
idle [ˈəidl]
adj. Idle.
Compounds and phrases etc.
eedle-doddle [idl (d)ʌdl]: A person who shows no initiative in a crisis. A puddling person who concerns himself with little trifles.
adj. Easy-going, lacking initiative, negligent, muddle-headed.
idler: An idler.
idlin: Idling.
idletie [ˈəidltɪ]: Idleness, idle frolic, frivolity.
idletith [ˈəidltɪθ]: Idleness.
idleset [ˈəidlsɛt, MN. ˈəidlsi(t)]: n. Idleness, laziness, reluctance to work. Want of work, unemployment. A period of enforced unemployment. adj. Idle, disposed to idleness.
iggerant, iggerent, ignorant, ignore,
ignore [ɪgˈnər]
adj. Ignorant.
Compounds and phrases etc.
ignorance: Ignorance.
ignorant [ɪgˈnərənt, ɪgˈərənt]: Ignorant.
$ilskin, burssen-ile, eel, eelie, eelie-dolly, eely, eilie, euyl, eyl, eyle, eylee, ile, ile$t, ilecan, iled, ileskin, ile-skin, iley, ilie, ilie, ily, oilie, oily, ool, oyle, uil, uilie, uilie-dolly, uilie-pig, uilzie, uly, ulyie, ulzie, yle,
ile [əil]
also uilie [ˈøl(j)i, MN. ili, ˈuli]
n. Oil.
v. To lubricate with oil, to turn to oil.
pt. pp. ile't
ilie [əili]
adj. Oily.
n. A fisherman's oilskin.
Compounds and phrases etc.
bursten-ile: MN. Discarded lubricating oil used to soothe the skin of pigs.
hazel ile: A jocular expression for a caning or sound beating usu. With a hazel stick.
ilecan: An oilcan.
ile-skin: An oilskin.
uilie-dolly: An oil lamp.
uilie-pig: An oil jar.
elke, evriwan, ilk, ilk$ane, ilk_ane, ilka, ilkae, ilkane, ilkeen, ilki, ilkie, ilkin, ilky, ilkyin, ulka, ulkie,
ilk [ɪlk]
n. Family, race, sort, kind, quality.
adj. Each, every, of two or more. Same.
pron. Each one, every one.
ilka [ˈɪlkə, ˈɪlki, ˈɪlke]
adj. Each, every, of two or more.
Compounds and phrases etc.
ilk ane: Each one, every one, of two or more, everyone, all and sundry.
ilka ane: Each one, every one.
that ilk: Of the very same person, name, place or thing just mentioned.
ail, ails, ill, ill-aff, ill-at, iller, illl-maist, illmaist, illness, ills, ull, ulls,
ill [ɪl, ʌl]
n. Illness. Evil, trouble, bad. Badness, wicked disposition. Harm, injury, mischief from natural or supernatural causes, bewitchment, the evil eye.
pl. ills
adv. Badly, wickedly, with difficulty, with disfavour, unpropitiously etc.
adj. Bad, unsatisfactory, not effective. Of persons: evil, wicked, morally depraved. Of animals: vicious, bad-tempered. Of language, conduct, etc.: bad, profane. Poor in quality, of little worth or substance, scanty, famine-stricken. Of illness: unwholesome, injurious to health, severe, noxious, hurtful. Of people: harsh, severe, cruel, unkind. With aboot or at: annoyed, vexed, grieved, sorrowful. Malevolent, unfriendly, hostile, unlucky, unpropitious. Of coinage: spurious, counterfeit. Of weather: rough, stormy, unfavourable. Difficult, hard, troublesome.
comp. iller, waur [wɑːr, wɔːr, N. I. waːr] Worse.
superl. illest, illl-maist, warst [warst] Worst.
pref. With the adjectival senses above.
Compounds and phrases etc.
deid ill: Mortal illness.
the Ill Ane: Satan, the devil.
ill-aff: Ill-off, poor, miserable, ill used, perplexed, at a loss.
ill-at I.Ork.: adj. Clumsy, awkward adv. Clumsily, awkwardly.
ill-less: Harmless, innocent, docile, free from evil intentions.
ill-less-guidless: Harmless.
ill-makkin: Creating trouble, mischief making
illness: Evil, illness, disease.
ill o it contracted ill o't: Bad at it.
elsket, elskoit, ilska, ilsket, ilskit,
ilsket [I.Sh. ˈɪlskət]
adj. Malicious, ill-humoured, rude, irritable.
imaagine, imagin, imaginaation, imagination, imaginaution, imaginawtion, imagine, imaigin, imaiginashun, imaigination, imaigine,
imaigine [ɪˈmedʒɪn]
v. To imagine.
Compounds and phrases etc.
imaigination [ɪˈmadʒɪneʃən, arch. -ɑːʃən]: Imagination.

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