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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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es, ess, S,
S [ɛs]
S, ess
n. The nineteenth letter of the alphabet. A hook shaped like the letter S.
s, se,
s [s, z]
suff. Usually added to nouns to form regular plurals.
A few plurals are formed by adding se, especially where used in a collective sense, for example oose, tawse and youse.
suff. Usually added to the nominative, after an apostrophe, to form the possessive singular, for example bairn's.
The possessive plural is usually formed by adding s', for example yowes'.
suff. Added to infinitive verbs to form the present indicative.
suff. Added to verbs in all persons of the plural except immediately following a personal pronoun, where the subject of the verb includes two pronouns, where the subject is a plural noun, where the plural pronoun is separated from the verb by some other word or words and often where infinitive is used for a narrative past.
suff. Used to form some adverbs.
sab, sabb, sabbet, sabbid, sabbin, sabbit,
sab [sab]
n. The noise of weeping. The noise made by a gust of wind or by the rise and fall of the sea.
v. To sob, to weep. To drip, ooze. I.Sh. To soak or saturate.
pt. pp. sabbit
Compounds and phrases etc.
sabbin: Sobbing, weeping.
sab, sob,
sab [sab]
n. What has subsided, sunken rock or mineral. A subsidence. A stout heavily built person.
v. To (cause to) subside or sink, to sag. Of plants: to droop, become limp.
sacrament, saicrament,
sacrament [ˈsakrəmɛnt]
n. Sacrament. The periodical Communion service of the Presbyterian Church.
sad, sadden, saddit, sadly, sadness, sads, sod,
sad [sad]
n. A heavy pressing-downward movement. A thud, thump. A hollow, knocking sound. A sag, a hollow sunken shape.
pl. sads Sadness, depression.
adj. Sad. Of people: grave, sedate, sober in mien or behaviour. Solid, consolidated, dense, hard and compact, massive. Remarkable, outstanding, in a good or complimentary sense.
v. To make dense and compact, to compress, press down, to solidify by hammering. To cause to sink or settle down. To become dense and solid. To settle down in a compact mass. To shrink in bulk, to subside.
pt. saddit
pp. saddit, sadden adj. Shrunken, shrivelled. Of bread: heavy, not fully baked. Of earth: beaten hard, packed.
adj. Sadly.
Compounds and phrases etc.
sadness: Sadness.
lik_sae, like_sae, likesae, likesay, likesey, likesy, liksay, mair_sae, mairsae, noo_an_sae, nou_an_sae, nou_and_sae, nut, sa, sae, say, si, sih, soat, sot, sote, sott, sut, sutt,
sae [seː, sə]
adv. So. As.
Compounds and phrases etc.
like sae: Like so ...
mair sae: To a greater extent or degree.
nou and sae: So-so, middling.
sic and sae: Alike, similar, much of muchness.
sut: An emphatic form of sae used by children, the negating counterpart is nut.
cea, sae, say, saye, sea, sey, sih, sye,
sae [seː]
n. A wooden tub with hoops and two extended staves perforated for handgrips or for a pole or rope to be passed through for transport by two persons, used for carrying water or washing etc.
saaft, saffen, saffie, saffin, saffy, saft, saften, saftick, saftie, saftik, saftlie, saftly, saftness, saftock, safty,
saft [saft]
n. A thaw. Rain, moisture.
dim. saftie A weak-minded, timid or effeminate person, a simpleton, something soft. A soft, plain floury bun. MN. A crab that has recently cast its shell.
adj. Soft. Of weather: mild. Not frosty, in a state of thaw. Wet, rainy, damp. Of cloth: of a loose, soft and pliable texture.
adv. In a peaceable quiet state.
adv. Softly.
saften [ˈsaf(t)ən]
v. To soften.
Compounds and phrases etc.
saftock: MN. Any soft shelled crab.
saftness: Softness.
sacrit, saicrecy, saicret, saicretfu, saicrit, saycret, secrait,
saicret [ˈsekrət]
n. A secret.
adj. Secret.
Compounds and phrases etc.
saicrecy: Secrecy.
saicretfu: Secretive.

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