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Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, not the Celtic language Gaelic!

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dooble-oo, dooble-ou, dooble-ye, dubya, ooloo, oulou, W,
W [ˈdublˈuː,ˈuluː]
W, dooble-ou also oulou [ˈuluː]
n. The twenty-third letter of the alphabet.
moosewab, moose-wab, moosewob, moose-wob, moose-wub, moose-wup, mouse-wab, waabit, wab, wabb, wabbet, wabbid, wabbie, wabbit, wabby, wabsite, wab-site, wabstaid, wabsteid, wabster, wab-stravaiger, wappit, websteid, webster, wob, wobbie, wobby, wobside, wobsteid, wobster, wub, wubbit, wubsite, wubsteid, wubster,
wab [wab, wʌb, MN. wɔb, S. wob]
n. A (spider's) web. The fatty covering of the large intestine of animals. The caul, omentum. A roll of (woven) cloth.
v. To weave.
pt. pp. wabbit [ˈwabɪt] adj. Webbed. Exhausted, tired out, played out, feeble, without energy.
adj. Covered with cobwebs.
Compounds and phrases etc.
meggie-wab: SW. A spider's web.
moose-wab: SN. NN.b. A cobweb.
wabster [-stər]: A weaver. A spider.
wabsteid: A website.
wab-stravaiger: An internet web browser.
wirm-wab: A cobweb.
parawabble, parrie_wabble, parry_wabble, parrywabble, penny-wabble, waable, wabbelt, wabble, wabbled, wabblie, wabblin, wabblit, wabbly, wauble, weeble,
wabble [wabl]
n. The act of walking with difficulty through weakness. Wishy-washy or tasteless liquid food or drink.
adj. Slender, easily shaken. Wishy-washy, having a weak and watery flavour.
adv. With a weak tottering step, tremulously.
v. To wobble, to stagger, totter, rock on one's feet, waddle. To stammer out, to blurt or mumble in a halting or indistinct way.
wabblie [ˈwable]
adj. Wishy-washy, thin.
Compounds and phrases etc.
parrie wabble: A foolish turn.
penny-wabble: Wishy-washy, tasteless, liquid food or drink.
wabblin Wobbling, etc.
wad, waddeen, waddin, waddit,
wad [wad]
n. A bundle of hay or straw, often used as bedding.
adj. Matted.
Compounds and phrases etc.
waddin: Cotton wool.
waadin, waadiner, wad, wad, waddeen, waddeen, waddin, waddiner, waddit, wadin, wat, wedden, wid, widden, widdin, widen, wud,
wad [wad]
n. A pledge, something deposited as security. A forfeit in a game, an article laid down to be redeemed by some performance prescribed in the course of play.
v. To pledge, wager, bet. To marry.
pt. pp. wad, waddit adj. Married.
Compounds and phrases etc.
be waddit up(on): To be married to.
denner waddin: A wedding where the dinner is provided by the marriage party and the company pays for the drinks and fiddler.
free waddin: A wedding to which only a few select guests are invited without incurring any expense.
penny waddin: A wedding at which guests pay to get in.
waddin [-ɪn]: A wedding.
waddiner: A wedding guest, a member of the wedding party.
waddin store: The wedding feast.
wad, wadd, wade, waud, wod, wodd,
wad [wad, wɔd]
n. Black lead. plumbago, graphite. A lead pencil.
waad, wad, waddie, wade, waders, wadie, waid, weyd, weyders, wide, widers, wyde, wyders,
wade [wed, SW. wad, MN. wəid]
n. The act of wading, a distance covered by wading. Shallow water, a ford.
v. To wade, To traverse by wading. Of things: to dip down into or pass through water. Of water: to be passable or fordable, to permit of being crossed on foot.
Compounds and phrases etc.
waders: Waders.
wadie I.Ork.: A ford.
Ess-Wadensday, Waddnisday, Wadensday, Wadinsday, Wadnesday, Weddensday, Weddinsday, Wensday, Widensday, Widinsday, Winsday, Winsdi, Wodenisday, Wodensday,
Wadensday [ˈwa(d)nzde]
n. Wednesday.
Compounds and phrases etc.
Ess-Wadensday: Ash Wednesday.
wadge, widge, widgin, wudge,
wadge [wadʒ]
n. A wedge. A thick slice of bread or cheese. etc.
v. To wedge, prod, nudge forcibly, like driving a wedge in.
pt. pp. wadged
vademel, vadmal, vadmel, vadmell, wadmaal, wadmail, wadmal, wadmale, wadmall, wadmeal, wadmeal, wadmel, wadmell, wadmiel, wadmil, wadmill, wodmell, woodmail,
wadmal [I. ˈwadməl]
n. Home-woven cloth.

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